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"2012 IN YOUR POCKET - A Mini-Guide to the End of the World as You Know It"



The Beyond 2012 s (imitation =flattery)


Planet x survival guide Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Ecstasy- A Complete Guide to End-Of-Time Predictions (mentions 2012 on vitually every page of 352 pages)

Planet x survival guide Beyond 2012: A Shaman's Call to Personal Change and the Transformation of Global Consciousness by James Enready (2012 mentioned on 9 out of 220 pages)

Planet x survival guideSerpent of Light - Beyond 2012 by Druvalo Melchizedek (2012 mentioned on 9 out of 320 pages)

The Divine Plan Beyond 2012 by Caroline Cory

Planet x survival guide Visions of the Fourth Dimension: Earth Beyond 2012 by Dawon Washington & Ruth Magan

Planet x survival guideIndigo-E. T. Connection: The Future of Indigo Children Beyond 2012 and Planet X (does NOT mention 2012 AT ALL!!)






Mayan and Other ancient calendars

The Mayan and Other Ancient Calendars by Geoff Stray:

or from

Book Description
The only small, popular book on the important subject of ancient calendars.

The study of heavenly cycles is common to most ancient cultures. The ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and Babylonians all tried to make sense of the year. But it fell to the later Mesoamerican Maya to create a series of calendars that could be cross referenced. In doing so, the Maya discovered many strange numerical harmonics. Their lunar calendar was extremely accurate—far more so than the Greek Metonic cycle; they tracked Venus to an accuracy of less than a day in five hundred years and their tables could have been used to predict eclipses seven hundred years in the future. This book will provide a much needed compact guide to the Mayan calendar systems as well as covering the essentials of calendar development throughout the world.


Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies & Possibilities by various authors:

or from

Geoff Stray, John Major Jenkins, Jose Arguelles, Carl Calleman, Daniel Pinchbeck, Gregg Braden, Jay Weidner, Ervin Laszlo, Lawrence Joseph, Peter Russell, Robert Sitler, Arjuna Ardagh, Gill Edwards, Llewelyn Vaughn Lee, Janosh, Sharron Rose, Christine Page, John Petersen, Karl Maret, Corrine McLaughlin, James O'Dea, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, Joanna Macy, Jean Houston

Book Description
"It began with the Mayan calendar--a startling astrological artifact that reaches its end point in the year 2012. As major spiritual traditions, independent researchers, and archaeological findings all point toward this date as a critical moment in human history, readers everywhere are starting to ask the same question: What will happen in 2012? For the first time, the leading authorities on the 2012 phenomenon are all given voice in a single book: The Mystery of 2012 An invaluable resource for readers who want to learn more about this time of change, this fascinating book features essays from dozens of prominent thinkers, including: * Geoff Stray's investigation, bringing together many obscure facts from science and consciouness research towards a fascinating conclusion * Gregg Braden's examination of the scientific evidence for a shift in the earth's magnetic field--and how it will affect all life * Barbara Marx Hubbard's and Peter Russell's explorations of the "accelerating pace of evolution"--why we may literally be transforming into a new species * John Major Jenkins' journey to the source for answers: the original Mayan calendar * Ecologist Joanna Macy's vision of "the Great Turning," and how we can take part in this shift to a life-sustaining culture * Daniel Pinchbeck on the meaning behind the rise in psychic phenomena as we approach 2012 Are we coming to the end of a cosmic cycle? Will there be an age of awakening, a new step in human evolution, or even an end to the world we know? For the growing audience of the "2012-curious," here is a thought-provoking and comprehensive exploration into the possibilities of this pivotal time."





Planet x survival guide


Planet x survival guideChristian Survival Guide to 2012 and Beyond by Derek Johnson Buy at Buy at

Planet x survival guide The Mayan Prophecy 2012: the Mayan Calendar and the End of Time by David Douglas DUE OUT ON JAN 5 2009




Planet x survival guide The Spiritual Secrets of the Equinoxes: Light Work towards 2012 by Marianne Scheel (released MAY 9 2008)


"This is The Book for light workers, Melchizedekians, all over the globe who feel dedicated to assist in the process of ascension and to become a multidimensional human being of love. Revelations received from and about the fifth dimension. Remarkable initiations! How to prepare your body, mind, emotions and spirit for 2012 and beyond - how to become and be the frequency of Unconditional Love and Joy. Important insights regarding the energy coming in from cosmos now; the implications of it for the humans, and the spiritual impact of the equinoxes. Many practical tools and meditations for you to grow spiritually, receive the new energy, and explore your inner Universe."


Planet x survival guide Nightkeepers (Novels of the Final Prophecy, Book 1 by Jessica Andersen (Jun 2008) 045122437X

"As a Miami narcotics detective, Leah Daniels never knows how her day will turn out. But she certainly never expected to be strapped to a stone altar, the human sacrifice in an ancient Mayan ritual meant to coax up a demon from the underworld. Or that she’d be saved by a handsome warrior-priest king who claims to recognize her from his visions...Jaguar Strike wishes he hadn’t made the mistake of reuniting his fellow warrior priests, or broken the law by saving their chosen human sacrifice. Now, he has no choice but to join forces with Leah and invoke dangerous magic in a death-defying race against the end of time."



Planet x survival guide The 2012 Chronicles: To The One World by LinnVermilion Smith (Aug 2008)1439204977

"When Rachel and her friends are transported to a utopian planet called One World along with over a million others of high vibration, she discovers it is a twin planet to Earth, which is also called Dark Planet. As she learns about her new home, Rachel finds that teleportation is the only form of transportation, remote viewing and telepathy are the norm, everyone lives in peace, joy and abundance, and society is learning instant creation in the Quantum Field. On One World, animals are revered as entities that have a deep connection to Source Energy and they communicate with Rachel in her job as an Animal Interpreter. Back on Dark Planet, destruction and chaos abound as the Earth is overrun by dark energy and nears its end. Filled with exciting technology such as the Beauty Enhancement Mechanism and recreational Pico Wings, To the One World is a delightfully entertaining fantasy that reminds us of the importance of choosing to live in joy and high vibrations every day. "


Planet x survival guide 2012:Waking of the Prophets by Rose Elizabeth Hahn (April 2008) 0981728103

"Imagine what the world can be; this will be our legacy... The Mayan Calendar's 2012 end-date looms on the horizon. Will it herald the end of the world or the dawning of a new era for humanity? Forced to confront his deepest of fears, one young man must define for himself his own highest truth and answer the question we all eventually face...What role can one person possibly play in the grand global and cosmic theater? What he discovers will inspire a metamorphosis of personal and planetary proportions. "


Planet x survival guide STARGATE 2012: Recovering the Power for Earth's Imminent Ascension by Paca Alarcon-Kahan (July 2008) 1434382532

"In these moments in which we enter into a global planetary change of consciousness, we are urged to take our power back and with it, the control of our lives. Everything is getting ready for a massive rise in consciousness towards a greater light and love in humanity. This change inevitably goes through the retake of our divine power since without it, this change is impossible. It is essential to activate completely the change to the light and power in you and discover how to recover the greatest jewel God has given you: your power. This is a door to spiritual independence, by direct experience and understanding of what God Spirit really is. There is no dogma or fear. But only the brave, really committed to truth and love can enter the door. The door to initiation, to a new reality of oneself based on truth and freedom. We are in the countdown to ascension. This is a journey towards the light. This is a book of hope; belief in goodness and illumination. We have to come out of where we are with the support of the new light to be free. As Jesus says in one of the messages: "Dare to come out of the sepulchre" to join the light. This is the time. Here you will find revelations about: · The power to create your destiny of light · The end of earth time - ascending to a new consciousness · Why there is no tomorrow · The consciousness of a new humanity · The truth about humanit's lost power · How to live with the acceleration of time and karma · How to live - How to function - What to do · Joining the new energies and learning to live with the changes. "Find out how to live in the world when all the rules we knew are changing.""


Planet x survival guide 2012 And The Arrival Of Planet X by Commander X, Diane Tessman, Tim Swartz, Poke Runyon (June 2008) 1606110144


Planet x survival guide The Truth: What You Must Know Before December 21, 2012 by Stephen Martin (Due for release November 2008) 892538210



Planet x survival guide The Revolution of 2012: Vol. 2 The Challenge: v. 2 by Andrew Smith (May 2008) 0955531209

"The second volume of The Revolution of 2012 takes the reader deep inside the Planetary Initiation of 2012. It describes in detail the physical changes scheduled for the third week of December 2012, just before the Winter Solstice. The author shows how these changes align with the ancient prophecies of the Mayan and other tribal Elders. They are part of a much larger plan for an energetic upgrade of the whole Solar System and the galaxy itself. The role of mankind is to learn to fit in with the Cosmic Plan and release the belief that all life revolves around human needs and desires -- just like we had to release a previous misunderstanding that the Sun revolved around the Earth. The author leaves us with the encouragement that there is much help and thoughtful guidance available for individuals going forward to 2012 and beyond. It is time for Earth and humanity to reconnect with the vast population of planets and living beings throughout the universe, one step at a time. It is time to release the outworn and somewhat despairing belief that we are the only meaningful lifeforms in the Cosmos. "

Planet x survival guide Planet X and The Kolbrin Bible Connection: Why The Kolbrin Bible is the Rosetta Stone of Planet X (May 2008) 1597720704

"Greg Jenner is one of the top Planet X historians alive today - if not the best! He believes that the ancients were extremely clear in their warnings to us about Planet X and 2012. In this groundbreaking work, he details numerous correlations between the 2012 prophecies of the Maya and those of other cultures with chilling clarity. Jenner believes The Kolbrin Bible to be the modern day Rosetta Stone of Planet X, because it clearly describes the destruction of Atlantis, Noah's Flood and Exodus. According to the Egyptian and Celtic authors of this ancient secular wisdom text, these cataclysms were triggered during previous flybys of Planet X. Were it not for The Kolbrin Bible, much of this ancient knowledge would be lost to us. This is an urgent fact, because many of its harbinger signs have already come to pass and with one inescapable conclusion. The next catastrophic flyby of Planet X is imminent!


Planet x survival guide Earth Changes and 2012: Messages From the Founders by Sal Rachele (2008) 0964053519

"This book answers the who, what, where, when and why of Earth Changes. It was received telepathically from a vast collective intelligence called the Founders. Sal Rachele is a teacher, healer, mystic and priest, with over 30 years in the human potential field."

Planet x survival guide Temple At The Center Of Time: Newton's Bible Codex Finally Deciphered and the Year 2012 by David Flynn (July 2008) 0981495745

"A belief that the ancients held unusual scientific knowledge, of which only fragments remain today, was held by many great philosophers and scientists who participated in the "scientific revolution". Though research by these men led to great discovery, many were convinced that they were merely scratching the surface of an immense but lost pristine knowledge (prisca sapientia) somehow reflected in the architecture and remains of ancient civilizations. In "Temple at the Center of Time Investigations of Sacred Dimension, Revealed in Prophecy, the Temple of Jerusalem, and the Ark of the Covenant, from the works of Isaac Newton", David Flynn uncovers what is sure to be heralded as one of the greatest discoveries of all time. Many books have investigated whether Newton believed that an original pure knowledge existed. Some conclude that he did in fact search for it, but that is the whole of their investigation. A few have written that Newton actually discovered something and try to fit his existing research into a prisca sapientia of their own design, claiming his beliefs fit modern realms of philosophy or eastern religions, but these speculations are not upheld by the body of his work. Although Newton had solved riddles of space, time, gravity, light and invented mathematics to predict the motion of objects, this was not the priscia sapienta. Since the time of Newton, no one has revealed the true form and nature of the original knowledge, or from whence it came until now. For the first time in history, "Temple at the Center of Time" uncovers what Newton was looking for and, in so doing, proves that pivotal events in history are unquestionably connected in time and space to Jerusalem. Newton didn't know it. The key was right in front of him."


Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age by Gregg Braden (due for release March 15 2009) 1401920640

"In his latest book, former senior computer systems designer and bestselling author Gregg Braden merges these ancient and modern world views into a powerful new model of time. Marrying the modern laws of fractal patterns to the ancient concept of cycles, he demonstrates how everything from the war and peace between nations to our most joyous relationships and personal crises are the returning patterns of our past. As each pattern returns, it carries the same conditions of previous cycles—fractal patterns that can be known, measured and predicted!
What makes this model so important today is that the returning cycles also carry a window of opportunity—a choice point—that allows us to choose a new outcome for the cycle. Braden suggests that if we can see time from this perspective, the patterns will show us what’s in store for the future, and perhaps how to avoid the mistakes of our past.
After presenting the case histories that confirm the accuracy of fractal time calculations, the author crosses the traditional boundaries of science and spirituality to answer the question that must be asked: What does fractal time tell us about 2012, and beyond? Because the cycles repeat, the seed for 2012 has already happened and the pattern already exists! In a narrative format of easy-to-read science and true-life accounts, Fractal Time shows us what we can expect as we close the Great World Age described by the Mayan Calendar, and the secret to our moment in history."


Toward 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age by Daniel Pinchbeck and Ken Jordan (Due for release December 26 2008) 1585427004


Planet x survival guideThe 2012 Mindshift (Audio CD)
by Peter Russell (Author)

Planet x survival guide Serpent of Light - Beyond 2012 by Druvalo Melchizedek Buy at Buy at

Book Description
"Every 13,000 years on Earth a sacred and secret event takes place that changes everything. Mother Earth's Kundalini energy emerges from its resting place in the planet's core and moves like a snake across the surface of our world. Once at home in ancient Lemuria, it moved to Atlantis, then to the Himalayan mountains of India and Tibet, and with every relocation changed our idea of what spiritual means. And gender. And heart. This time, with much difficulty, the Serpent of Light has moved to the Andes Mountains of Chile and Peru.

Multi-dimensional, multi-disciplined, and multi-lived, for the first time in this book, Drunvalo begins to tell his stories of 35 years spent in service to Mother Earth. Follow him around the world as he follows the guidance of Ascended Masters, his two spheres of light, and his own inner growing knowledge. His story is a living string of ceremonies to help heal hearts, align energies, right ancient imbalances, and balance the living Earth's Unity Consciousness Grid-- in short to increase our awareness of the indivisibility of life in the universe. We are all--rocks and people and interdimensional beings--one!

"Life may seem to be business as usual, but it is not. We are changing fast . . . Remember this for life is going to present stranger things to you in your lifetime, and they all have meaning and purpose . . .Only Mother Earth and ancient Maya know what's going to happen." --from Serpent of Light

* Part travel adventure, part spiritual instruction--a firsthand account of a once in 13,000 years process. * Drunvalo Melchizedek has a story to tell--an adventure story, a story of healing ceremonies that take place from the Yucatan to Kauai and Moorea to the Grand Canyon and New Zealand and to Peru. * See what can happen when we choose to open our hearts and follow the path of light."

Planet x survival guide

Beyond 2012: A Shaman's Call to Personal Change and the Transformation of Global Consciousness by James Enready Buy at Buy at

Book Description
"A Shaman's Message of Hope—and Call to Action

War, epidemics, catastrophic geological disasters . . . . We are living out the prophecies of a planet in peril as we count down the days until 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar. James Endredy, noted writer, teacher, and shamanistic practitioner, offers a unique perspective on 2012—a message of genuine hope for humankind. According to Endredy, "every human being can be a shrine of love, an altar of hope" during this time of shifting global consciousness and radical change.

In this one-of-a-kind guide, Endredy consults the "First Shamans," Fire Spirit Tataiwari (Grandfather Fire) and Earth Spirit Nakawé (Grandmother Growth) for wisdom and guidance. Tataiwari and Nakawé reveal how the evolution of human consciousness, sustaining the earth, and our personal happiness and well-being are all connected.

Beyond 2012 offers a wealth of practical ways for each of us to personally help spark the transformation of human consciousness. Learn how your positive actions—reciprocity, compassion, love, and respect for the essences and energies that sustain life on our world—can help save the planet.

Awaken your "luminous" True Self by entering non-ordinary states of consciousness Plant the seeds of transformation in global human consciousness Amplify positive energy by building altars and making offerings Reclaim, raise, and wisely use personal energy Use a sacred calendar to gain a new understanding of the nature of time and our role as co-creators"



Planet x survival guide THE PSYCHIC CHILDREN - Dolphins, DNA and the Planetary Grid by Hugh Newman

"Hugh takes us on an adventure from the heights of Glastonbury Tor, to the pyramids of Guatemala and the volcanoes of Hawaii. After meeting some Indigo children on the spring equinox in Hawaii, Hugh was initiated into working on the planetary grid system that included decoding the mysteries of the dolphins and the changes that are happening within our DNA. The adventure includes revelations about galactic alignment 2012 and a coming shift in consciousness, which the children all know about. Join Hugh on this journey as he unlocks the secrets, one by one. Includes a comprehensive nutritional health guide for Indigo children."

Planet x survival guide Flying Between Heaven and Earth by Gina E. Jones Buy at Buy at

Book Description
"The Mayan Calendar forecasts the end of a divine cosmic plan for Earth in the year 2012. As time flies faster, amid the global chaos and increasing catastrophic diasters, the ancient Mayan prophecy is nearing completion. Earth is undergoing changes never seen before. To the currently veiled human mind, there is no explanation. Unbeknown to the majority of humans, they are scheduled to transition with Earth into the Fourth Dimension of Consciousness in the next five years. Unfortunately, most are not prepared to make this shift because of the pervasive fears perpetuated by Semyaza, the evil Lord of Darkness.

Flying Between Heaven and Earth tells of Archangel Michael's last attempt to help humanity through their remaining tumultuous days on Earth as they shift into a higher dimension. In the final epic battle over the destiny of humanity, can Archangel Michael and his airline of angels on Earth defeat Semyaza and his powerful Forces of Darkness? Find out what happens in this harrowing race against time!

With global unrest, bizarre weather, worldwide terrorism, and the increasing fear of flying, Infinity Airways--an airline operated entirely by angels--continues to move people forward toward their higher purpose of being on Earth during this extraordinary time in humanity's spiritual evolution.

What makes Archangel Michael's airline even more unique is a seat assignment system specifically designed to allow passengers the opportunity to balance their heavy karmic and emotional 'baggage' with their assigned seatmate--not only from this lifetime, but from past and future lives as well. With the right person sitting on the right flight in the right seat, the traveling public is unaware that are being served by angels and are given the opportunity to learn some of their life's most important lessons.

An angel named Nicole, whose innocence and beauty reflects the divinity in all of us, volunteers to be a flight attendant for the archangel's celestial airline. However, she becomes trapped in the maelstrom she came to avert and becomes seemingly lost forever, caught in the vicious battle of the Dark against the Light. Can this fallen angel rise above to help save humanity? Only time will tell what lies ahead in her turbulent journey!

This spiritually thought-provoking novel is the first to explain, in the here and now, the real meaning behind the Mayan Sacred Calendar and end of time in 2012. This riveting story empowers people everywhere with the knowledge and understanding of what exactly will help them fly higher above the dark storm clouds of life as they move forward in the days ahead."


The Divine Plan Beyond 2012 by Caroline Cory Buy at Buy at


"The Divine Plan : Beyond 2012 explains the imminent, inevitable and necessary emergence of a New Era on Earth that is orchestrated and supported by the Divine Order. The book clearly presents the multi-dimensional aspects of this magnificent event while offering deep insight on such intricate topics as:

The specific cosmic forces as well as the intelligent beings in human and non-human form orchestrating and manifesting the Divine Plan.
The perceivable dimensions within the earth plane and our future dimensional reality.
The timing and unfolding of the New Era and the birthing of a new type of human species on the Earth.
The meaning of the Second Coming.
The inevitable governmental shifts and their ramifications for the individual.
The Divine Plan: Beyond 2012 is a detailed, uplifting and practical manual for anyone interested in navigating effortlessly through the important global changes dawning upon this Earth. The book offers useful tools and exercises that can enhance your spiritual practices and expand your consciousness so as to begin understanding your individual role in the impending emergence of the New Era on Earth."


Planet x survival guideVisions of the Fourth Dimension: Earth Beyond 2012 by Dawon Washington & Ruth Magan

"This book is like no other! A must read. It gives profound information...about what our Earth will be like up to and after 2012. Answers to questions about our shift, or ascension, into a whole new reality are addressed with clarity and humor. Be prepared! Amazing times are ahead!"

Planet x survival guide Pandemonium in 2012 by Lee Cross (Leland W. Cross) FICTION???


Planet x survival guide 2012: A Conspiracy Tale by Bryan Collier FICTION

The story takes place in early 2008. It is a time of great political unrest; people are living in constant fear of terrorist attack and are looking to the world leaders to take action. Suspicion of local government runs high and conspiracy rumours abound.
Mitchell Webb, CEO of IDSys, and his long-term friend Simon Rockwell are on the brink of securing a contract from Her Majesty’s Government for the design, manufacture and supply of Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFIDs) for the protection of the British Public against terrorist attack. It would be the biggest deal in their company’s relatively short history.

Shortly after being awarded the contract, there is a horrendous terrorist attack on one of England’s most famous landmarks and the Government passes legislation for the compulsory introduction of RFIDs, bringing about a series of events that draw Mitch and his colleagues into the biggest conspiracy in history. Little by little, they uncover some unsettling information that makes them question the real motives behind the introduction of RFIDs.

The friends soon find themselves in a deadly race against time, facing a powerful and ruthless enemy, culminating in an astonishing discovery about the very origins of life on Earth.


Planet x survival guide Stellar Wind: 2012 (Paperback) by Catherine Barber FICTION ORDER AT AMAZON.COM ORDER AT Amazon uk

Product Description
An ancient sailor yarn and the watershed date 2012...what does one have to do with the other? Find out in Stellar Wind! Cleverly entwined in this story you will learn about the Sacred Tree, Mayan prophecies, a real life soul-snatching table that is housed in a missionary church in the Andes Mountains and an old sailor yarn that began in 1712. John Henry must fulfill his mission to save our dying era of Man before the stars align on December 21, 2012. He receives vital help from a strange menagerie: A seven-foot, tall angel who fills John with extraordinary gifts, a young angel with keys to save Humanity from annihilation, Mayan King Pacal Votan, clever mermaids, Indigo Children, Cherubims and a sassy pirate queen. This novel was given to me by angels with one purpose: Mankind must re-connect to Nature so that he can flourish in the World of the Fifth Sun that will be born on December 21, 2012. Stellar Wind is not just an adventure; it is a message for you.

Planet x survival guide Trial in Jade: The Mayan Return (Maya Earth Trilogy) by Margaret Evans FICTION Order at Order at

In 2012, the Mayan calendar will end. Some believe it is the end of the world- the apocalypse. Others believe it is the beginning of something entirely different, a new start for the world.

Amy Parrish Magee knows that she has a part to play in the drama, whatever that outcome might be. As an expert in all things Mayan, she has always known in her heart that her destiny was complexly intertwined in that culture. However, it is only when an ancient book of knowledge and a single piece of jade are delivered to her that she begins to fully realize the significance of her role and her connection to the future Lord of the Maya in the Sixth World.



Planet x survival guide The Maya End Times: A Spiritual Adventure*Maya Prophecies for 2012 by Patricia Mercier FICTION Order at Order at

Book Description
According to the Mayan Prophecies, the 5,000-year “Fourth Age” will conclude in 2012—culminating either in the cataclysmic end of the world as we know it or in a new golden age. The Maya End Times is a wake-up call for averting disaster, connecting us to ancient predictions that reveal how close we are to apocalypse. Set in the mysterious worlds of the shamans, it leads us through otherworldly journeys through the stars, moving inspirationally from the past to the future, with an underlying message of hope from the voices of the “singing” crystal skulls. What seekers learn will empower them and help them understand the significance of the Mayan foretellings. It’s a potent and unforgettable mix of serious investigation, travel adventure, and inner experience



Planet x survival guide Journey to the Fifth World: Coming Full Circle in Healing and Transformation by Michele Ama Wehali Order at Order at

Editorial Reviews
Gini Gentry, Nagaul Woman, teacher of the Toltec Eagle Knight lineage Founder of the Garden of the Goddess in New Mexico
I have great respect for Michele's visionary and shamanic healing skills and her unwavering integrity with Native wisdom. Her ability to work with the increasingly powerful energies that are infusing our planet is illuminated in her writing. Michele has bridged the gap between indigenous and present day medicine ways, in a most respectful, loving and impeccable manner.

James Jereb PHD, visionary artist, creator of 'Star Dreaming' Temple Complex
Comprehensive and Heartfelt; deeply insightful journey into a greater awareness of the pathway to the Fifth World. I also know Michele as a dedicated and powerful ceremonialist, who is able to transform a group working with the magical energies of Earth and Sky


Planet x survival guide 2012 Quick and Dirty by Wayne Redden Order at Order at

Book Description
With biblically presented data, secular scientific astronomy, and an ancient civilization's brilliant calendar cycle (Mayan), A.D. 2012: Quick and Dirty presents a hypothetical timetable of endtime events.


Planet x survival guide The Sleeper Must Awaken by Jean Erasmus SEE DIRE GNOSIS REVIEW Order at Order at

Book Description
The human condition is a strange one at best. Finding ourselves in a world nearly void of any profound natural predators, with the ability to unconditionally love and solve the most complex problems in the most creative ways; we choose to make the world an ever increasingly dangerous place, in stead of creating Utopia. In our relentless pursuit of happiness and perfection, we create the very opposite. The Sleeper Must Awaken dives deep into the human psyche, exploring from the archetypal dreamscapes of our subconscious minds to the remarkable similarities between Super String Theory and ancient mysticism. It opens the door to a journey within ourselves, searching for the root of this phenomenon and presenting possible solutions to a world on the edge. Author Bio Dr. Jean Erasmus is a South African born medical practitioner. Before moving to the United Kingdom, he has worked mostly with less fortunate souls, managing a wide variety of illnesses, ranging from Tuberculosis to HIV/AIDS. He has also been involved in medical legal work as well as lecturing in Primary Health Care. The world of medicine - where cold, evidence-based science intermingles with the warm, complex, emotional and spiritual human being - has sparked an interest in Jean, leading him to pursue the connection between these two diverse poles of the human condition. This pursuit, offset by the dramatically changing physical, social and spiritual landscape of the world, led him into writing this book in an attempt to finding the missing piece of the current human-led world puzzle, and to present possible solutions.



Planet x survival guide If They Only Knew by Darren Daulton Order from Order from

Product Description
If They Only Knew is about the interesting world of the metaphysical and the author s beliefs and personal experiences with it. Daulton delves into issues of ascension such as dimensions and levels of consciousness, the Mayan Calendar and December 21, 2012, creating one's own reality and a lot more. The book's message is clear- Open your mind to new ideas and know that there is more to our life than only what we can see, feel and touch!

About the Author
Darren Daulton, known to friends and fans as Dutch, is best known for his outstanding years in Major League Baseball. As a catcher for the Philadelphia Phillies and the Florida Marlins he made his mark with his work behind the plate and at bat. During his 14-year career he was chosen as an All-Star twice. Darren is marking his 10-year anniversary as World Champion and Comeback Player of the Year with his electrifying book If They Only Knew. Darren has also been a supporter of community and charitable efforts off the field during his playing years and after retirement in 1997. He has participated in charity events to benefit numerous causes and will continue this tradition. x survival guide2012 The Transformation from the Love of Power to the Power of Love by Robert Roskind Order from Order from

Product Description
Since 2000, Julia and Robert Roskind have sought out indigenous messages of One Love - unconditional love for all creation. Through their many books and events, they then share this wisdom with the world. Their latest journey takes them into the Guatemalan highlands in search of the wisdom of the Maya - both past and present. Join them as they reason with Mayan elders and spiritual guides about traditional Mayan initiations, the crystal skulls, the knowledge embedded in the Mayan ruins, traditional healing practices and the sacred Mayan calendar - the timetable to human enlightenment. Join them on this fascinating journey as they penetrate deep into the Mayan mystery of 2012 to discover its core message and meaning - the power of love will soon transform the planet. To prepare for these coming changes, we need only open to this power. The book features Mayan spiritual guide, Tata Pedro Cruz, a member of the Atitlan Council of Mayan Elders and 2005 World Peace Ambassador. It also features the 2007 gathering of over 2500 Mayan Elders at their ancient ruins in Tikal, Guatemala for a Winter Solstice sacred ceremony. Includes over 40 photos!


Planet x survival guide Seven Secrets to Success Before 2012 by Ernie Fitzpatrick AN E-BOOK

It was predicted over 2000 years ago... 95% of the world's population would die in the year 2012! Are YOU one of them? Ancient prophecies, the Mayan calendar, Planet X on a collision course for Earth, cosmic rays, hurricanes, global warming, earthquakes, and supervolcanoes that may be on the verge of erupting... all predicted to occur in 2012! Why is everyone buzzing about the year 2012? Astronomers, historians, mystics and scientists all agree that it's going to be the most significant year in the history of mankind! Even "normal" people on the street can see it coming. We're not talking about some crazy conspiracy theory, but scientifically-documented events that are already beginning to happen... today! But unlike Y2K, which preyed upon survivalist tendencies, the events leading up to 2012 are NOT warning signs to sell your home and move to the mountains of Wyoming! You don't need to take up farming, learn how to can vegetables, or chop wood. In fact, more first-time millionaires will be made in the year 2012... because they know what is coming. Who else wants to become filthy rich and cash in on what the year 2012 will bring? This controversial eBook flies in the face of the doomsday scenarios! The seven secrets in this book will help you and your family to be in the best position to take advantage of the hype surrounding 2012!

Planet x survival guide A New Earth - What the Bible has to say about 2012 by Ernie Fitzpatrick E-BOOK

Did you know that ancient prophecies written by the Mayans more than 2,000 years ago predicted that 2012 would be the end of the world as we know it? But some believe that 2012 will usher in a new era of spiritual enlightenment that will completely change the world forever. So what does the Bible have to say about 2012? Is there a link between the doomsday scenarios surrounding 2012 and the apocalyptic book of Revelation? What did ancient Hebrews know about astronomy and its connection to future events? Are we seeing the fulfillment of biblical prophecy right now? In this eBook, the author explores ancient Hebrew scriptures and their connections to the hype surrounding the year 2012. You'll be shocked at what he's discovered!

Planet x survival guide 2012: Final Fantasy? by Ernie Fitzpatrick E-BOOK

There is increasing interest in the year 2012, which some say will be the end of the world as we know it. Scientists are predicting increased hurricane, tornado and volcanic activity. NASA predicts that the Sun will reverse its own magnetic poles during 2012 as result of reaching the end of the current 11-year sunspot cycle. The ancient Mayans believed that it would signal a transition from the current Creation world into the next. While many are predicting apocalypse, still others believe that 2012 will usher in a new era of spiritual transformation.

Will 2012 be the end of the world as we know it, or the dawn of a new era? In this brief eBook, the author explores three of the most popular scenarios, while providing an uplifting and encouraging alternative scenario. 2012: Final Fantasy offers a unique perspective on the controversial year, which will no doubt be the topic of conversation for years to come!



Planet x survival guideThe Testari Scrolls by L. C. Laird Order from Order from

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IS THERE A MAP OF 12,000 YEAR-OLD CITIES, OR A MAYAN STYLE CALENDAR OF THE END OF DAYS In the most CONTROVERSIAL BOOK OF ALL TIME? YES, THERE IS! NOW you, too, will know...THE ULTIMATE ANSWER! The Mayan Calendar called it Blackened Earth; the ancient texts called it...Armageddon! So many have died...the brutal murders in France, the torture of a young Testari mother, has it been for nothing after 6000 years? The sacrifices have been too great; too many of the great minds have been lost while the true Guardians of Knowledge have protected the ultimate truth. Will they succeed before the Nahasha find them?

Planet x survival guide 2012: The Fourth Dimension: Book One of the Lyra Legacy Chronicles by Manda Order from Order from

Book Description
In America, the only myths of creation and the future are those of the Native American people. What if, in the very near future, these oral teachings that we call myths become substantiated facts? Gordon-Michael Scallion's predictions are a complement to the American Indian Prophecies. Suppose they come true.... If the predictions of Gordon-Michael Scallion are correct, we are about to enter a quantum leap in evolution. We are existing in a 'Time of Transition' from 1998-2012 during which events of cataclysm and supernatural phenomenon will exist side by side. It is a time of awakening, if put into perspective, the most exciting time in the history of mankind.

2012, The Fourth Dimension is an odyssey. It is an extended adventurous wandering of five families. It is also an intellectual and spiritual quest. If you join the characters in their gatherings, you will see how the events they share have a relationship to the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012. You will become aware of the character's daily concerns as well as real current events. Up-to-date information in the sciences is presented side by side with mythology and comparative prophecies. The book reveals information regarding our origins, our past and our future, all of which have involved inter-galactic participation. Earth, in particular, plays a monumental role in the 'great experiment' of biological life for the entire solar system. According to Prophecy, we are in a challenging 'Time of Transition'. If 'The Fourth Dimension' is coming, you will want to know what it is and why supernatural abilities will soon be the norm.


Planet x survival guide Earth 2012: The Ultimate Quest by Aurora Juliana Ariel Order from Order from

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In Earth 2012: The Ultimate Quest, Dr. Ariel guides the reader on a personal quest, providing a powerful key to inner peace in her revolutionary breakthrough Counseling Theory and Practice, TheQuestT. Distilled into seven powerful steps, this healing process is designed to accelerate a personal and planetary transformation that could help end suffering on Earth. Her message, "If we want to avert the dire potentials before us, we must look within and unlock the subconscious patterns behind our challenging life conditions." Cataloging the profound shift presently taking place within the psyche of humanity, Dr. Ariel points to the fact that we are living in unprecedented times! Weaving a blend of sacred prophecies, scientific predictions, and prophetic visions around 2012, she unveils a glorious potential that is casting its first rays of light on earth, illuminating the Dark Night we are presently passing through, and providing a "missing piece" to traversing the challenges of this time.


Planet x survival guide Keys of Destiny by Adin Kachisi

Keys of Destiny is a remarkable tale of esoteric enigma and fascinating conspiracy. The book is intricately woven with layers of masterful storytelling and ground-breaking research. From Mayan prophecies, global conspiracies, ancient tablets, inter-dimensional portals, secret societies, bloodthirsty nephilims, gnomes, indigo children, martial arts experts, aliens, shamans, ancient civilizations, time travelers, to earth changes, ascension and the future of humanity, all in one book.

Entire islands wipped out by hurricanes, cities devastated by earthquakes, riots across the globe … it’s the beginning of the end of Civilization as we know it. Straight from New York, Kazra Moore travels to Europe, Africa, and Asia searching for ancient keys to save humanity from apocalyptic extinction. Confronted by brutal secret societies and bloodthirsty fallen angels, will he survive and find the Keys of Destiny or is humanity doomed?



Planet x survival guide 2013: The End of Days or a New Beginning: Envisioning the World After the Events of 2012 by Marie D. Jones (Jul 2008) Order from Order

Planet x survival guide The Maya Prophecies for 2012 by Gerald Benedict (Sep 2008) Order from Order from

Planet x survival guide 2012 Awakening: Choosing Spiritual Enlightenment Over Armageddon by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa September 2008) Order from Order from

The Book of Destiny: Unlocking the Secrets of the Ancient Mayans and the Prophecy of 2012 by Carlos Barrios (September 2008) ORDER FROM AMAZON.COM

2012 Rising by Bruce Fenton (Autumn 2008)

Planet x survival guideThe Complete Idiot's Guide to 2012 by Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews (Oct 2008) 1592578039 Order Order from


Planet x survival guide A Vision for 2012: Planning for Extraordinary Change by John Petersen (June 2008) Order from Order from

Book Description
Many believe that the world is entering a time of monumental historic change that will accelerate in the next five years. Our leaders need to be prepared to address life-altering events such as a rapid climate change, a severe restriction of the oil supply, a tipping point in the global financial system, a bird flu epidemic, or a new level of sophistication among terrorists, argues noted futurist John Petersen in this timely and insightful book.

A Vision for 2012 shows how the effectiveness of the new administration that takes office in 2009, and the future of the nation, depends upon whether our leaders grasp the extraordinary significance of what lies ahead.

About the Author
John L. Petersen, a leading futurist, founded and presently heads The Arlington Institute, a Washington, DC-area think tank that studies global futures. His often unconventional perspectives on what lies ahead are the product of having worked in the military, for the National Security Council at the White House, in business, real estate development, advertising, marketing, and the nonprofit world.


Planet x survival guide 2012 and the Galactic Center: The Return of the Great Mother by Christine Page (October 2008) Order Order from

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A guide to the expansion of consciousness possible during the Galactic Alignment of 2012 - Reveals the new era that will be ushered in as the current perception of time collapses and spiritual perception expands , Explains the psycho-spiritual preparations necessary to transition into this new era, Shows how the alignment of the sun with the Galactic Center will allow humans to experience awareness normally reserved for shamans, pharaohs, and sages

This is an extraordinary time in the planet’s history. In 2012, for the first time in almost 26,000 years, our sun will be most closely aligned to the Galactic Center. This Galactic Alignment, which began with the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 and will conclude in 2023, presents a thirty-six-year window of opportunity for humanity to participate in the creation of a new era of expanded consciousness. Christine Page explains that, as the source of all creation, our galaxy is the Great Mother and its center, her heart. Auspiciously aligning Earth with the heart of the Great Mother, the Galactic Alignment heralds a rebirth of the divine feminine qualities of the Triple Goddess--intuition, emotional creativity, and renewal. Drawing on alchemy and mythology, Page details how to connect with and use the sacred spiritual tools unlocked during the alignment to merge with the Great Mother, a spiritual transformation that allows us to expand our awareness and experience ourselves as eternal beings.




Planet x survival guide Introducing Michael Morris: Countdown to 2012
by John Reizer
Michael Morris (John Reizer) discusses the single most important story to ever affect humanity. A self proclaimed parallel incarnation of the author living in an alternate dimension of existence, Michael dissects a vast global conspiracy which has been in the works for thousands of years. He methodically takes the reader through a journey of disturbing alien agendas and creates a state of clarity so that the common man can understand the many components of this system of deception. According to Michael, the Earth and its human inhabitants have existed under the manipulative control of an extraterrestrial civilization for over 187,000 years. The manipulation of human beings along with a strong alien presence influencing the world’s governments continues on present day Earth. The countdown to an absolutely Earth changing event, which will take place in the year 2012, is on and for the people in the world who wish to survive, this book is a must read!
(155 pages) Paperback: £7.14 Download: £2.76

Planet x survival guideTHE PSYCHIC CHILDREN - Dolphins, DNA and the Planetary Grid
by Hugh Newman
Hugh takes us on an adventure from the heights of Glastonbury Tor, to the pyramids of Guatemala and the volcanoes of Hawaii. After meeting some Indigo children on the spring equinox in Hawaii, Hugh was initiated into working on the planetary grid system that included decoding the mysteries of the dolphins and the changes that are happening within our DNA. The adventure includes revelations about galactic alignment 2012 and a coming shift in consciousness, which the children all know about. Join Hugh on this journey as he unlocks the secrets, one by one. Includes a comprehensive nutritional health guide for Indigo children. "I am certainly impressed by the eclectic nature of the material and the skill with which you have integrated the often complex subjects to reveal the greater picture now unfolding" - SIMON PETER FULLER: author of 'Rising out of Chaos'.
(104 pages) Paperback: £9.99 Download: £3.99

Planet x survival guide Doomsday December 21, 2012 by Karen Peebles (also called The Mayans and Doomsday)

"...Resource book on the Doomsday December 21, 2012 coming of the polar shift and the Mayan civilization's predictions."
(47 pages) Paperback: £9.64 Download: £5.50


Planet x survival guide Earth Without Polarity - Foreshadowing 2012 by Llan Starkweather



"The earth's magnetic fields are rapidly declining, the location of its poles are multiple and in doubt, the 26,000-year cycle of equinox progression changing the energy field of our cosmos and the 10,800 year earth-boring-confirmed cycles between recorded peak warm and cold periods accompanying geomagnetic pole shifts predicted by all ancient religions are now due. This will affect our relationship to time dimensions and test our intentions in our embodyment. The Belch of Change is accelerating the All-That-Is to its singularity when no more change or every change of planetary consciousness will be possible, as the cycles of geoelectro-magnetism and vibrating matter make a dimensional shift that you may not even notice then – exactly. The primal fear of this lurks within each of us. If thought of at all, it is as a survivalist back-to-the-land time to prepare for. The American continents were pulled only 3,400 years ago 1200 miles away from the African/Asian continents."
(276 pages) Paperback: £15.27 Download: FREE

Planet x survival guide The Ultimate Enlightenment For 2012: All We Need Is Ourselves by Michele Doucette

Caught up in the web of competition, greed, jealousy, envy and hate, we have been lost to ourselves for a very long time. We have completely forgotten who we are. We have forgotten how to celebrate the expanse and greatness of all life. As we awaken and become more aware, our life is filled with the vibrations of love, peace, joy, wisdom and harmony. As one both experiences and emanates these vibrations, one discovers who they really are. As the spark of Divine Love begins to flame within each individual soul, it grows in intensity until completely embracing that which is life. It becomes one’s birthright, henceforth, to be happy, and, in so doing, to provide an atmosphere of peace, joy and devotion (service) towards all life, including the animal kingdom, plant kingdom and mineral kingdom. It is in performing even the most humblest of tasks, that we begin to experience supreme satisfaction. In having done so, the whole of Creation triumphs.
(84 pages) Download: £7.69


Planet x survival guideTHE ODD MAN OUT -THE TAREAN PROPHECY- by Noel J Rea

Noel Rea relates this incredible account of an Alien abduction and his subsequent journey to another part of the galaxy. This is the story of what happened leading up to the abduction and the chain of events that took place on another planet, including an amazing prophecy of the future of our world. Covers the life story of the author and the aftermath upon his return to Earth. The revelations that are contained within this epic include mind control by other dimensional beings, how humanity has been manipulated by government and medical conspiracies and what lies in wait for us all as we head towards the year 2012. Noel's insight into relationships, self help, meditation and healing is also covered in this amazing book, which will give us all a greater understanding of the worlds around us.
(204 pages) Paperback: £15.40 Download: £6.58

Planet x survival guide The Aquarians: An Ancient Mayan Prophecy - A Modern Phenomenon by Eric Rankin FICTION ORDER FROM Order from

Product Description
1945—After being blown off the deck of his ship by a horrific explosion, U.S. Naval officer Vern Becket is visited by what he can only assume is his guardian angel. Helplessly floating in the dark seas off the coast of Japan, Vern learns that he has a mission—one that he won’t accomplish for almost sixty years.
2004—A pioneer in the study of dolphin echolocation, Dr. Troy Wallace is convinced that he is on the verge of an incredible scientific breakthrough. Recent research suggests that dolphins may send three-dimensional sonograms to each other, and Dr. Wallace hopes to be the first to decode and view these images. Rebecca Larson, a dolphin behaviorist at SeaWorld in San Diego, California, is assisting Dr. Wallace in his research. She believes that dolphins—a species that has thrived on Earth for more than forty million years—may offer critical insights into the societal structure, behavior, and future of mankind. As handsome as he is shallow, southern California television celebrity Ryan Ericson is thrust into an ever-expanding mystery of coincidence and discovery. And he is about to learn how his professional involvement with Vern, Dr. Wallace, and Rebecca relates to dolphins, an ancient Mayan prophecy, and the very fate of humanity.

Amazon Review:..."The Mayan calendar end-date coinciding with the age of aquarius, the 11:11 phenomenon being a wake-up call (I am one of those who has been seeing 11:11 for years), and the new perspective it offered me about dolphins left me with such optimism. I realize it is just a work of fiction, but the facts woven through the story were so inspiring. I am looking forward to the new direction humanity can take in the year 2012."


Planet x survival guide The Thin White Line: A History of the 2012 Avian Flu Pandemic in Canada by Craig Dilouie FICTION Order from Order from

Product Description
On September 15, 2012, a restaurant worker enters a hospital in China's Guangdong province complaining of flu symptoms. This single event ignites a conflagration of disease that burns its way around the world, leaving death, recession, revolution and war in its wake. In THE THIN WHITE LINE: A History of the 2012 Avian Flu Pandemic in Canada, Craig DiLouie presents a terrifying vision about how a pandemic might unfold, focusing on the Canadian experience but relevant to any country. Reading as if it were a non-fiction book describing a pandemic that has already happened, THE THIN WHITE combines a realistic, meticulously researched scenario with dramatic firsthand accounts of people who survived these tragic times. Global health officials have warned the world that a flu pandemic is an inevitable part of our future, just as it has been a frequent part of our past. In THE THIN WHITE LINE, our worst nightmare comes true.



Planet x survival guide Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide by Jacco Van der Worp

"Chance favors the prepared mind."-Louis Pasteur What is Planet X? It could be a comet, rogue planet, or as this book maintains, a dying brown dwarf companion to Sol. In the years to come, its elliptical orbit will bring it into the core of our system, where it will enrage our Sun. Once that happens, Earth's greatest pains will come; the moment fate puts us in the cross hairs of a perfect solar storm. The purpose of this book is to help those who now agree that time is of the essence. It does this by offering a practical 2012 tool kit of how-to survival knowledge, for those who'll be left to fend for themselves. Regardless of whether you can afford to build a bunker or can barely afford a shovel, the information in this book is designed to be equally useful. This is because the key to surviving 2012 is more about what's in your head than what's in your wallet.Table of Contents Part 1 Understanding the Threat *The Harbinger Signs of Planet X *Planet X Forecasts Through 2014 *Historical Accounts of Previous Flybys *2012 Flyby Scenarios Part 2 Reading the Signs *Surviving What Comes *Reading Signs in the Atmosphere *Reading Signs in the Oceans Part 3 What the Governments Are Doing *Solar Storm Monitoring *Planet X and New Earths *Arks for The Chosen Part 4 Fending for Yourself *Be a 2012 Rambo *Coping with a Violent Sun *Coping with Economic Contractions *Scoot Packs and Walk Outs Part 5 An Enlightened Future *2012 as an Evolutionary Event *Building a Star Trek Future Appendices *Harbinger Technical Analysis *History of The Kolbrin Bible *Forecast Addendum *Kozai Mechanism and Perpendicular Orbits *Post-2014 Medicinal Herbs and Plants *About the Authors Alphabetical Index

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Planet x survival guide Nephilim Stargates: The Year 2012 and the Return of the Watchers by Thomas R. Horn FICTION

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Book Description
One myth from the history of every great civilization spoke of beings descending from heaven and using human and animal DNA to create giant offspring. Rabbinical authorities, Septuagint translators and early church fathers understood this as a factual record of history. The phenomenon began with the Watchers who spawned Nephilim resulting in judgment from God. The ancients also knew Bible passages that predict the Nephilim will return when Iraq and Iran are invaded and destroyed. Is this prophecy about to be fulfilled? Is man, in his rush to play god through biological weapons, biotechnology, and genetic manipulation, opening gateways to a supernatural unknown? Nephilim Stargates and the Return of the Watchers is a glimpse into this past, present, and future phenomena, with an eye on what sages and scientists believe and what futurists and prophets may fear. Thomas Horn is CEO of Raiders News Network, a syndicated columnist, and the bestselling author of The Ahriman Gate. He has written two other books as well as dozens of published editorials and magazine articles. His works have been referred to by writers of the LA Times Syndicate, MSNBC, Christianity Today, Coast to Coast, World Net Daily, and White House Correspondents. Thomas resides outside Portland, Oregon.


Planet x survival guide

Infinity's Flower: A Tale of 2012 & the Great Shift of the Ages by Jack Allis FICTION

Infinity's Flower The Tale of 2012 & the Great Shift of the Ages The year is 2011. David and Kelly are soul mates, who share an awareness of the ancient esoteric wisdom, confirmed by quantum science, that the universe is alive, and everything in it, including us, consists of pulsating, luminous energy. Like shamans from indigenous cultures around the world, David and Kelly have powers far exceeding those of ordinary humans as a function of their awareness that this world of energy is guided by an unseen intelligence or spirit, and their ability to merge with these mysterious forces. One of their powers is the ability to see through the illusion of everyday life, and into another dimension, where malevolent extraterrestrial beings, masquerading as humans, have covertly ruled the world for thousands of years, and have imposed a fascist world government, or New World Order, upon a human race.Infinity's Flower is the epic story of the age-old intergalactic battle between the forces of good and evil that is coming to a head on the planet Earth at this time, and David and Kelly's struggle to join the forces of light, both in this world and in higher, etheric dimensions, to defeat the powers of darkness, and reclaim the planet. The backdrop of this tale is The Great Shift of the Ages, an exceedingly rare geophysical and astrophysical time the Earth has entered. It is the completion of a 26,000-year cycle, which was prophesized by ancient cultures spanning the globe, including the Egyptians, the Mayans and the Hopis. The Shift involves forces of colossal magnitude, such as the reversing of the Earth's electromagnetic field, which will change the face of the planet, and life on it, forever. The clock is ticking. The year 2012 appears to be the turning point. Are these the end-times, as so many believe was predicted in the Bible, or is this an opportunity for the birth of a new era of higher consciousness and spirituality?Infinity's Flower weaves the epic scope of Orwell, the esoteric wisdom of Castaneda, and the riveting storytelling of the film sensation The Matrix, into a tale of this rare and blessed opportunity for humanity to evict the forces of evil, and make the shift to the new paradigm. It is a world in which doors swing open to unimaginable forces, and where humanity reconnects with the one true source of its power: the divine spirit of a living universe. Infinity's Flower is a vision of the paradise that an empowered and an enlightened humanity can, and must, create on Earth.

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Planet x survival guide




2012 and the Ring of Light: When Mankind Finally Grows Up by Nancy E Schaffron

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Book Description
Will 2012 signal the end of the Fourth World-our current world-and the beginning of the Fifth, a world in which all races live in peace and harmony? Author Nancy Shaffron weaves a riveting and hypnotic tapestry from the threads of Hopi and Mayan legends to which she brings thoughtful discussions of catastrophic geological events and mysterious worldwide DNA changes. The Hopi Indian Fifth World legend and speculation about the ancient Mayan calendar's abrupt end at the winter solstice of our year 2012 provide the backdrop as DNA researcher Dr. Jason Towne and his colleague, geologist and parapsychologist Greg Sutherland, seek to understand the changes in their families and the rumblings of Mother Earth. Shaffron's haunting words transport us into dark and ancient Druid ceremonies and paint deeply moving stories of conception and birth and a heart-wrenching scene of loss. We hear the strange music of the ages and the words of the Light Beings as they guide and watch our tiny blue planet struggle through its transformation. We are left to ponder these ancient legends-could the end of Earth and the rebirth of humankind possibly occur at some future winter solstice, perhaps December 21, 2012?


Planet x survival guide




2012 by Mark Borax

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Book Description
2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future is an engaging personal narrative through the author’s apprenticeship with master astrologer William Lonsdale who teaches him how to access a source of great power and creativity buried within the human soul.

The book begins in August 1987 on the slopes of Mount Shasta in Northern California as Borax witnesses the Harmonic Convergence, a spiritual and astrological event sparking a 26-year countdown to 2012, the year that marks the “end of history” in the Mayan calendar. Signs indicate that a “major energy shift” is occurring, a turning point in Earth’s collective karma powerful enough to change the global perspective of humankind.

Borax’s mountaintop experiences compel him to seek solutions to his personal turmoil. He meets Lonsdale and together they launch a mystery school to study how the twenty-five-year period between 1987 and 2012 can be used for a cosmic purging of negativity to release humanity’s core forces and restore universal balance. En route, Borax and his fellow students discover truths about life after death, karma, reincarnation, past lives, human evolution, and the purpose of our existence on earth. In the tradition of The Teachings of Don Juan, Carlos Castaneda’s tales of his shamanic master, 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future is a gripping sorcerer’s apprentice story driven by mystical forces, encouraging readers to expand their everyday awareness and challenge their fundamental beliefs about their place in the universe.


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The False Prophets: Will the Year 2012 Bring Heaven or Hell? by BJ Boltauzer FICTION

Book Description
Hiding behind an international oil and mining corporation ORMUZD LTD, the neo-Nazi Thule Society is about to unleash the first of three large-scale disasters. Beginning at the precise moment of the winter solstice in 2009, the plan is to usurp the ancient Mayan prophecy that foretold of the spiritual rebirth of the world in 2012 and establish a new world order under a white-supremacist dictatorship.
When British schoolteacher Paul Francis stumbles across knowledge of the Thule Society's plan, his best friend is murdered, and Paul is nearly killed by chemical poisoning. Paul's wife and their two grown children soon become involved in the quest to save the world by joining forces with The Circle of Lights, a small international group of mystics of different faiths that opposes the Thule Society's plan. Along with a Jesuit priest, a Cabalistic rabbi, a Sufi Shaykh, a Magus of a Masonic Rosicrucian Society, a Tibetan Buddhist master, a Hindu yogi, and a Wicca priestess, Paul and his family vow to stop the dark forces threatening mankind.

The group's united goal is to bring mutual understanding, tolerance, harmony, and love to humanity-and to persuade the whole world to see the truth before it is lost forever.

About the Author
B. J. Boltauzer is a Freemason, a Royal Arch Companion, and a member of a Masonic Rosicrucian college. His empathy with the love of Christian mystics for the Creator, his studies of Cabala, and his understanding of the Sufi philosophy have formed his knowledge of Being.


Planet x survival guide




Conversations With the Children of Now: Crystal, Indigo, Star, and Transitional Children Speak Out About the World and the Coming 2012 Shift by Meg Blackburn Losey, Msc.D., Ph.D.

Book Description
This stunning new book introduces the world to some of the very special and gifted children who were described in Meg Blackburn Losey's The Children of Now. The Children of Now changed paradigms of how we raise, teach, and nurture our children, and created awareness that ADD, ADHD, and autism just might not be what we thought. The book touched parents, teachers, and caregivers all over the world.

Now, in Conversations With the Children of Now, Dr. Meg goes even further to spotlight some of the Children of Now and others who have come forward since the first book was released.

Intricately woven conversations with Indigo Children, Crystalline Children, Star Kids, and Transitional Kids reveal the hearts and souls of our future generation. These real children share their feelings and perceptions about themselves and our world. Hear, in their own words: * Who they really are. * Where they come from. * Why they are here, and what they have come to share with humanity. * What they know about God, and about Living and Dying. * What they know about the healing of hearts and souls, and of bodies and minds. * What will happen in the 2012 shift. These children speak about past lives, other worlds, forgotten gifts, and unconditional love as a way of being. They show how we can change our world with grace. They also reveal how we can guide them, nurture them, and allow them to become the great human beings they were destined to become!

Jet Stream

Jet Stream - part one of WWIII, The Breakup Of America: A 21st Century Thriller: A story of American heroes facing America's darkest hour: The year is 2012... by R E Muehlberg FICTION

Book Description
This fresh new angle on the future scenario thriller is presented in a unique new format: the novelzine TM. It's a novel printed in magazine form. Author R.L. Muehlberg spins the clock to 2012 A.D. He pits the world's newest superpowers, United Europe and the Asia-Pacific Confederation, against a world-weary, financially-exhausted United States and a divided Canada. In Jet Stream - Part 1 of Muehlberg's WWIII: The Breakup of America trilogy, an independent Quebec allies with United Europe in a surgical, brutal attack against the United States and Canada. Jet Stream is a cautionary adventure that warns against a frighteningly plausible future.


Jet Stream

Apocalypse Prophesied by Herbert R Stollorz

Product Description
Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, terrorism and endless wars... What is going on in this world? What will happen next? Is there a purpose in all of this human suffering? At 70 years of age author Herbert R. Stollorz took a fresh look at the Bible. By using the same successful research techniques that produced a number of profitable hi-tech patents, he came up with some intriguing and pragmatic explanations of what the Bible has to say concerning the big questions about life on planet earth. Don't expect a theological treatise, rapturous escapism or a lot of footnotes. Instead, you will be challenged by his rational presentation of the soon-coming events that will change your life!


12/21/2012: A Prophecy by John J. Ventre FICTION

Product Description
12/21/2012 A Prophecy is like a combination of The Day After Tomorrow and The DaVinci Code. It follows four storylines over a two-month period leading up to the "End of Days."
President Bush has just won his fourth and last election after a series of terrorist attacks keeps him in office. Vatican motives and misdeeds are on trial as a terrorist group targets priests while an asteroid targets the ancient city in a test of faith. A group of scientists engage in intriguing dialogue regarding UFOs, Evolution, and Creatism while investigating a time capsule with two living passengers.

As we battle for survival, the answer to the origin of humankind is revealed in a Romeo-and-Juliet-type ending. 12/21/2012 is fast paced and answers today's relevant political, social, racial, and religious questions.

Mayan calendar and UFOs

The Ezekiel Code by Gary Val Tenuta FICTION

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From the days of Ezekiel to the future of December 21, 2012 .... and beyond. A metaphysical mystery on a grand scale! A puzzling page-turner!

1887 AD: A fabled "lost scroll", penned by the prophet Ezekiel, comes into the hands of a secret society, the Order of the New Dawn. Brother Hiram - a mystic priest of the Order - has a vision. He sees the year 2012 as an unprecedented window of opportunity for the next step in the evolution of the human race. But he also sees something coming that could prevent the window from opening and would seal the fate of humankind for ever. He realizes the Lost Scroll and his vision have a strange but vital connection. In an attempt to save the future he devises a coded message - inscribed on a parchment - that he hopes will one day find it's way into the hands of someone who can prevent the greatest catastrophe the modern world has ever known.

1999 AD: Frank McClintock - a self-styled adventurer and researcher of ancient mysteries comes into possession of the coded parchment. But an unfortunate fate awaits him and the parchment will lie hidden for another six years.

2005 AD: Zeke Banyon, a Catholic seminary dropout, is running a homeless shelter in the old waterfront district of Seattle. He and his assistant, Angela, unwittingly stumble upon the code and soon find themselves thrust into a world of secret societies, metaphysics, mystery, and murder. In the process of trying to understand the code Banyon discovers a disturbing truth about himself and the extraordinary fate that awaits him... and us. No amount of seminary schooling could ever have prepared him for this.

Mayan calendar and UFOs The Return of Planet-X: Wormwood by Jaysen Q Rand

or from

Book Description
The Return of Planet-X is an educational, informational source examining all aspects of this controversial subject including the record of X's Ancient Science of Prophecy, its Phantom Astronomy, Forbidden Archaeology and the Signs Of Its Approach. This book examines the history and prophecy of Earth's many cultures throughout the millennia and their voluminous references to the reality of X's periodic passages. The most current hypothesis used to examine X's next return through the solar system centers around the fact that X's extended orbit (approximately every 3,600 years -- first passing through the solar system then back out again), suggests that its 'destructive cycle' occurs in two phases. The 'first phase' begins with X's initial pass-through in 2009 separated by three years until its 'second phase.' This passage marks X's return leg back into deep space beginning again its 3,600-year-long trek through the heavens. X's last return visit through the solar system most likely coincided with the Hebrew's exodus from Egypt estimated around 1447 BC -- roughly 3,459 years ago. Did God somehow come to Moses' aid by staging a cosmic event that no one today understands? The Mayan Celestial Calendar Codex inexplicably ends 21 December 2012. According to ancient Mayan cosmology, 'time' as we know it on Earth will reach its climax on that date. Written across the scroll of time and space, the author believes Planet-X will first return in 2009 and again in 2012. X's power is real. Its story is forever. Its time is soon.


Mayan calendar and UFOs Mayan Mars By Marc Meyers

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Product Description
Gustavo Chen is recently widowed and trying to forget his past—he escapes into his teaching and aerospace research and obsessively surfs the La Jolla waves on his time off. An affair with a sexy young student and a mysterious job offer lead him into a world of industrial secrets, indigenous beliefs, and a microscopic extraterrestrial life-form that threatens worldwide disaster.

Journey from the mystical rainforests of the Yucatan to the sunny beaches of San Diego, and across the ocean to Japan in this thrilling science fiction adventure—the story of one man's attempt to stop mutated Martian viruses from coming to earth in the form of a killer plague. Spanning the centuries from 500 AD to the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, Mayan Mars is an intricate tale of seduction, deception, revenge, and undying love.

he ancient Maya prophesied that the year 2012 would bring an end of their calendar and "the end of man." Some modern-day adherents have taken this to mean the end of the world, and oddly, many other cultures and some cults have also chosen the year 2012 as the date for an apocalypse of sorts. In Mayan Mars, a new novel, author Marc André Meyers takes another look at this ancient prediction, the culture that began it, and what might happen if certain unforeseen and unexpected events also took place. The science in this novel is not fiction, but fact. Professor Meyers has applied his years of experience working as a materials science advisor to the U.S. Army, among other agencies, to a scenario that actually could happen. If a Mars probe brought back a mutated Martian virus, what could that look like? And what if the point of impact was in the Yucatan, where those ancient Mayan prophecies were born? This intricately imagined plot brings ancient wisdom together with modern technology and mixes them in unexpected ways. Peopled by dangerous men and exotic women set against an intriguing backdrop of academic espionage, Mayan Mars both frightens and compels.


Mayan calendar and UFOs

(2012), The Mayan Calendar, Sacred Places and UFO by Rob Simone (NB This is not the title shown on the cover, which omits 2012, but appears in the Amzon title)

Product Description
An amazing colletion of articles about 2012, the Mayan Calendar, The great Stone Circle of Sweden, the NASA - UFO evidence and Secret Societies by Radio/TV host and researcher, Rob Simone. (with over 50 pictures of UFOs, sacred sites and more!)

Some of the many new 2012 titles at

2012 The Last Will and Testament of the Gods by Mike Cooper FICTION
Funny, thought provoking adventure of modern hero, created by Zeus to save the Earth, (Gaia) from the depredations of people by the 2012 deadline.

The Keepers of the Rods by Ken A. Jackson & Paul A. Jackson FICTION
Set in the year 2012; global warming has ravaged the Earth, and amidst all of this a holy time has begun. The rapture of religious prophecy descends upon humanity, and a team of scientists endeavour to follow a prophecy laid down for them by the ancients. Along their journey they encounter demons and ghosts, aliens and the gentry. So many questions, but only one truth! And who or what is the secret of Barry Island?

Unification Absolute by Sarah Ince
Unification Absolute includes the latest material of the 24 levels of light mastery required for ascension mastery to the Stargate 2012. Unification Absolute includes material that has never been released at workshops:- cutting edge material to take you to new levels of understanding that will transform your life forever.

Earth Without Polarity by Llan Starkweather
The earth's magnetic fields are rapidly declining, the location of its poles are multiple and in doubt, the 26,000-year cycle of equinox progression changing the energy field of our cosmos and the 10,800 year earth-boring-confirmed cycles between recorded peak warm and cold periods accompanying geomagnetic pole shifts predicted by all ancient religions are now due. This will affect our relationship to time dimensions and test our intentions in our embodyment. The Belch of Change is accelerating the All-That-Is to its singularity when no more change or every change of planetary consciousness will be possible, as the cycles of geoelectro-magnetism and vibrating matter make a dimensional shift that you may not even notice then – exactly. The primal fear of this lurks within each of us. If thought of at all, it is as a survivalist back-to-the-land time to prepare for. The American continents were pulled only 3,400 years ago 1200 miles away from the African/Asian continents.

The Ultimate Enlightenment For 2012: All We Need Is Ourselves by Michele Doucette
Caught up in the web of competition, greed, jealousy, envy and hate, we have been lost to ourselves for a very long time. We have completely forgotten who we are. We have forgotten how to celebrate the expanse and greatness of all life. As we awaken and become more aware, our life is filled with the vibrations of love, peace, joy, wisdom and harmony. As one both experiences and emanates these vibrations, one discovers who they really are. As the spark of Divine Love begins to flame within each individual soul, it grows in intensity until completely embracing that which is life. It becomes one’s birthright, henceforth, to be happy, and, in so doing, to provide an atmosphere of peace, joy and devotion (service) towards all life, including the animal kingdom, plant kingdom and mineral kingdom. It is in performing even the most humblest of tasks, that we begin to experience supreme satisfaction. In having done so, the whole of Creation triumphs.










Wave of Change, 2012 by: Karen Barker  235 pages

A series of 7 meetings in 2006 with Spirit Guide Jay Paul whose work pertains to the Karma of the Earth. His message covers in depth the “whys” of the present Earth changes and those to come. The Mayan Hopi Egyptians, ancient cultures refer to 2012 as a time of change. “The end of the world as you know it.” Not in the way of an Armageddon but with a higher understanding of love and compassion for all sentient beings. These changes are out of love and healing. “The trees are the lungs of the Earth.” “I want a safe sustainable Earth for your future.” This documented energy will travel through all life and raise the frequency so that the denser energies of greed and hate will cease to exist.


"It gives me great joy to be of service in creating tools of understanding to help educate and inform all those with an open heart who are drawn to read these words. “Universal Stretches with Jay Paul” is the first work covering this topic of Earth changes over the next handful of years. “Wave of Change 2012,” is an in-depth look exploring the global issues covered in the latter book. I am going to briefly describe to you the creative steps in how Wave of Change 2012 evolved. I feel it will help you experience with fuller clarity the characters and uniqueness of this piece. This book consists of a series of seven meetings with Jay Paul. He has named each chapter. He asked that the different stages of the sun in one day be symbolic visually for each chapter as it rises, journeys through the day, and finally sets. After each meeting a synopsis was written the following morning in meditation. An inspirational writing of one page, which included the main points covered in the meeting. It was then sent to the members of the channelling group. ...In the format of this book, each titled section has three parts. There is the channelled meeting, a question and answer period, then lastly the synopsis. ...My Dear Ones..."


2012 in Bible Prophecy: Shadow Mayan Tradition Clearly Cast Behind It by Wayne Redden Now available at Amazon

A review from a Christian customer at

"The book is rampant with speculation without much backing or explanation. It also omits important facts contradicting his opinion and seems to manipulate numbers sometimes at will. It is poorly organized and probably the most boring end-times book ever made. It turns out that the author, according to the back (in which he has a very unflattering picture), is a retired agricultural worker with a bachelor's degree in agriculture education (a long way off from eschatology). He did well for a retired agricultural worker if that says anything (there were no reviews on Amazon when I got it). I would say I disagree with him 60% of the time, agree with him 25% of the time, and have no opinion either way 15% of the time. I disagree with him on the USA being future Tyre of the Bible in which he claims that the 70 years from 1877 to 1947 was a time when America "minded its own business". The idea that holds the US "was forced" into the Spanish-American is a clear manipulation of the facts. The author is determined to force the US into Bible prophecy by whatever means possible and concludes that Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots is America. He fails to mention, though, the city on seven hills, which is clearly Rome indicating it is the Roman Catholic Church. He spends a lot of the time forcing the US into prophecy and thus ends up getting huge parts of his book wrong. I also disagree with him on whom the kings of the North and South are and who the Restrainer is. I do however agree and somewhat agree with him on many non-harlot involved matters. I agree with him on the lie of evolution for example, which he somehow manages to cover like the rest of the scientific matters in the book from his non-scientific background. I agree with him on the millennial kingdom being related to the one day is a thousand years verse in 2 Peter 3:8, but I feel he conveniently manipulated the year of death for a Pharaoh to fit the year 2012 as the beginning of the millennial kingdom. That aside, it gives us an approximation of the end of the world if the connection is there. Finally, I am convinced of 2012 being the year that an asteroid and/or comet will hit the Earth, which I was surprised to find out was only a small part of the book instead of its premise. The author failed to mention, though, some of the reason why I believe we are due for a collision in 2012 such as the fact the Bible Code and Nostradamus seem to predict it. I do not even remember the Bible Code being mentioned. Not to mention the fact that the seeds of the Great Deception are being planted in non-Christian circles based on the Mayan prophecies. Cosmic Humanists are claiming that 2012 is not as much an end as a "global shift in consciousness". Many of them expect the return of the serpent god Quetzalcoatl, which we can figure is the devil, and expect to be lead by aliens, which are actually demons, into a world of globalization. Combined with the information in the book, it leads one to conclude this not to be just a coincidence."

The Rise of Empires by J.D. Sousa (Hardcover)

The multi-novel series is a story over 30,000 years old, that links time, intent, and methods toward achieving a single World Order.
 From the civilizations where the story began: Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle; …and those who carried it forward: Imhotep and the pyramid builders, Moses, Joshua, and Solomon;…and those who fought to possess it: Alexander the Great, the Knights Templars, the Incas, Mayans, Conquistadors, and the Popes;…to those who developed new weapons of mass destruction in their attempt to possess the treasure, and control and dominate the globe and its inhabitants, in their ideologies, economies, and means to their ends: the Romans, the Ottoman Empire, the Nazis, US Presidents and select global representatives,  bin Laden, Saddam, the Taliban, and rising Third World nations… …and the minds contributing to the survival of this timeless quest of those who would be most powerful: the philosophers; Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle; the scientists: de Vinci, Michelangelo, Einstein, modern scientists and technologists, and the ‘common man’. What do they all have in common? That is not the question.
The question is --- What do WE all have in common? As long as we are part of the world population, we are part of the problem. Then, the question then is --- WHAT CAN BE DONE, AND WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Includes:
What the Mayan date of December 21, 2012 means.

BOOK Synopsis:

BOOK ONE: The Rise of Empires: What is all the fighting about?

In the winter of 1999, twenty-seven stories below the Las Vegas Nevada desert area, the U.S. government was robbed. The vault was emptied and the codes were cracked.

The incident not only triggered the most significant series of international events in modern history, but it also resumed the countdown of sequential actions designed to alter the course of men, leaders, and governments, as well as the structure of world order and dominion, that man has known the past 4,000 years. It is all a matter of time.
Not since Alexander the Great conquered the world and collected the lost technology, has there been such a veracious hunt and ensuing turmoil among leaders around the world.
Who stole the ancient technology? How did they get it out of the worlds most secure area? Where did it go?
The clock is ticking for CIA, Interpol, Western governments, and leaders.
The race is on to find the 30,000-year-old artifacts and codes before the Mayan cycle clicks over to December 21, 2012.
First of 9 books.


Gaia-Project 2012: Earths Coming Changes by Hwee-Yong Jang

Book Description
"Youve seen the signs: earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, holes in the ozone layer, an increase in UFO sightings. Youve asked yourself, What is going on? But thats not the question you should be asking. The real question is, Why are these massive Earth changes occurring now? The answer, according to the channeling, clairvoyance and dreamwork of Hwee-Yong Jang is revealed in The Gaia Project, and the answer is a wild rollercoaster of a ride that begins millions of years ago. At that time it was decided that the universe needed to move to a higher dimension, a higher spiritual level. A galaxy was chosen to begin this process and the energy that would eventually become the physical Earth was selected to be the center of this massive change. The reason for the many Earth changes were now experiencing is that this massive project is now coming to its climax. It will finish in the year 2012, and you must ask yourself if you are ready for what is to come. The common goal of all beings on the Earth is to extend their learning and expand their consciousness through various experiences. The Gaia Project provides that knowledge by revealing the past, present and future of this vast, time and- space-shaking scenario. To prepare for what will happen you have to discover what has been and what will be: Read about the Earth before it existed on the physical plane Discover the mysteries of ancient Lemuria andwhy it sank 200,000 years ago Learn about the rise of Atlantis and how it disappeared 5,000 years ago Uncover how karma, reincarnation and our 10-dimensional universe are interrelated Find out the truth about the recent increase inearthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters Learn the future of the Earth, our galaxy and theuniverse Uncover the secrets of the vast program of universalchange known as the Gaia Project The Earth is the Key Just as the goal for each of us is to expand our consciousnesses, from its very inception, our Earth has had a special purpose to raise the consciousness of the entire galaxy. It has allowed all of us to experience everything so that we can learn from our experiences and evolve. By the end of 2012 the Earth will be completely changed and start its new history. All the beings who have lived here will be spread out to numerous stars and planets throughout the universe. Only this book can prepare you. Why the Increase in Earthquakes? The Earth functions as a type of training field for self-learning through experiences. Beings from all over the universe are here as types of trainees. As part of their training they discharge all sorts of impure energy generated from what they have experienced. The Earth has silently accepted and purified this energy, but even our massive planet has its limitations. When the volume of contamination exceeds those limitations, the Earth must purify its own energy by trembling, shaking and twisting its body. 2012 Marks the End of the Changes According to the author, there is no possibility whatsoever that the Great Change coming to the Earth can be delayed or stopped. You must be prepared for what is to come. This is the only guidebook of the Earths Great Change which is in progress now ... [It contains] all of the core truth that all of the people living on the Earth surely need to read and understand ... The content of this book is completely true. You dare not miss The Gaia Project."

The Revolution of 2012, Vol.1 The Preparation by Andrew Smith

" This is a natural sequel to the various research studies of the ancient mysteries involving the Mayan predictions for the Winter Solstice 2012. "The Revolution of 2012" provides a briefing on the current mysteries surrounding the run-up to 2012 -- directly from the Ascended Masters working on the implementation of the Divine Plan for the Earth's evolution through this period. This channeled briefing is offered to provide insight and understanding in depth about what is actually going to happen during the years prior to 2012 and thereafter so we can choose to make sensible and relevant preparations for this immense transition. "The Preparation" is the first volume of three It describes the energetic changes already taking place on Earth and their effects on many aspects of human life. The reader is invited to align with these profound changes utilising the expanded consciousness available through the Heart Centre, the natural gateway of connection to the Spiritual realms of Higher Consciousness. Appropriate changes in all forms of life expression can be progressively achieved as this alignment becomes a living reality for each person making this choice."

The Ascension Guidebook: Pleiadian Guides Reveal the Four Energy Activations that Prepare Earth Beings for Ascension in 2012 by Duane Henkle 230 pages

"Ascension Seekers - the book you've been waiting for! The Mayan Timekeepers, as well as a host of other spiritual groups around the world, confirm 2012 as the date for Earth's ascension into the Fifth Dimension. . Since 1996 while living in Hawaii, author Duane Henkle has maintained a strong psychic connection with Pleiadian Guides who have revealed - in their words - "the Four Energy Activations that prepare Earth Beings for the coming shift to the Fifth Dimension in 2012." And now, though the pages of this book, author Henkle shares this powerful Pleiadian knowledge with spiritual seekers everywhere. The good news is that anyone, even beginners, can do these activations by following the illustrated, step-by-step instructions in the book."

The Fifth World by A. J. Ferrara

"The book reveals the nature of our galactic heritage and of ancient Earth civilizations, as viewed through the multi-dimensional portal of The Great Pyramid. The energies of the group-consciousness known as The Nine Elders of Sirius, the Ascended Masters and other enlightened beings, will reveal the true nature of time as they take you on an amazing journey through the Akashic records of the Hopi and the Maya. View events from before the birthing of our universe and learn the origins of long-forgotten Earth cultures and their ancient customs. Discover the connection between all the important sacred sites across the planet, including The Great Pyramid, who really built them and the very reason for their existence. Then, view the future potentials that face humanity, as the end of the Mayan calendar approaches in 2012 and learn how we can each utilize the most important of universal laws to affect the final outcome, as the Earth and her people enter into …The Age of Illumination."

How to Survive 2012: Tactic and Survival places for the Coming Pole Shift by Patrick Geryl

"Prepare and prevail in the End of Times After 2012! In his previous books, Patrick Geryl presented a detailed scenario set to take place in the year 2012: the complete and utter destruction which has occurred in Earth’s past and will occur again. The sun’s magnetic poles sometimes reverse, causing massive solar flares that lash out into the solar system. These disrupt the Earth’s magnetic field and reverse the Earth’s magnetic poles' rotational direction. The Earth’s outer crust will be thrown into chaos, with planet-wide earthquakes, volcanoes and tidal waves reshaping landmasses and seas in a matter of hours. Civilization as we know it will end as very few humans will survive. But the obstacles are not insurmountable. Here is a blueprint to survive the disaster. Geryl explains in detail the myriad problems survivors will encounter, and the precautions that need to be taken to overcome them."


What is Next After the Kyoto Protocol: Assessment of Options for International Climate Policy, post 2012 by Niklas Hohne

" Negotiations on climate change are entering a new phase now that the discussions on new commitments after the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol have started. With this book, Niklas Hohne gives a comprehensive survey of present issues and proposals (up until December 2005) as well as an overview of the future options, in a quantitative and qualitative manner. These options are then followed by an assessment, plus fresh proposals for a future international climate regime after 2012. What is Next after the Kyoto Protocol? provides an ideal reference to understand the current status of the climate negotiations. The book is timely and leaves the reader well-informed. It prepares and updates the reader to take part in and assess the climate change discussions, based on academic findings and analysis. The book can be read both in-depth as well as with a bird's eye view, since it is well-structured and includes a summary and introduction. Suitable for policy makers, government negotiators and other stakeholders. Suitable for students and beginning researchers in environmental and policy studies."

Transition 2012 by "Enots Niaga" (almost "stoned again" backwards)
"Imagine that you wake up one morning and everything appears as is usual, but somehow events take control and violently shake your common belief; the questioning is mercilessly exposing the fragility of your concept of self and the physical world you inhabit. Behind the veil everything is not as expected, the price for knowledge is vast, but the unknowing is blind and will fall. If we let a blind lead a blind they will both fall in a pit. This truth is known, but the ancient old forces playing their universal game have a hidden agenda: it is for man to discover his role, whether a galley slave or the man in control of the rudder. The wind that blows the ship is out of no man’s hand. We the passengers have to wake up; icebergs are on the horizon. Let’s lend a hand, or better head to the first mate."

Zen of Stars: Futures of Planet Earth by "St.Clair"

"Zen of Stars - trans-dimensional epic narrated as a soul-expanding adventure revealing profound discoveries awaiting us - shows our true Cosmic origin and destiny. This book frees mankind, one soul at a time. The narrative by the "Master of The Light" transforms the reader into a seer. This guided writing, of unmatched proportions, is essentially mind-altering. The soul is time traveler and master of its own destiny. St.Clair introduces a new and multi-dimensional mythology, opening the inner passage to the unknowable in ourselves. Core message: 2012 will see the merging of new realities, challenging us to adapt to these changes. The world we live in today is a disconnection from our true past. Zen of Stars clarifies everything, from hidden doctrines to unsolved mysteries, as it discloses the purpose of Cosmos, while showing the futures of planet earth. We are psychic beings inhabiting a physical reality. The physical world is the vehicle for movement through time and space, and the psychic is the journey. Reality evolves from the invisible world. The 21st Century has swept to its surface a visionary, one of the foremost creative minds, an astrophysicist who speaks of the most fundamental issues facing humanity. The origin of his work is a mystery; brought to you by a source St.Clair calls his ET guidance. In this book of art and science-fiction he addresses what he terms our relationship with the invisible world. We write our own destiny by interacting with the greater forces of Cosmos. St.Clair asks: "If we can predict the outcome, can we change it?" He explains how we change the outcome for ourselves by using intelligent compassion. This book - a spiritual thriller - transforms our world. Please visit his website at St.Clair's trans-dimensional, mind-expanding epic presents time-travel realities into 2080, revealing our Cosmic origin and destiny. This prophetic vision frees mankind of illusions, one soul at a time. We know that we have very soon reached the ending of time and the end of thought and move by 2012-2025 into the "time of limitless seeing" when only direct knowledge will be of use."


from LULU Books


A Date With Destiny by Christopher Paul
Imagine a world where the environment has been ravaged, murder and cruelty are running rampant, and natural catastrophes abound. Sound familiar? This gripping tale ('The Celestine Prophecy' meeting head on with 'Armageddon') tells the story of the impending battle to save our planet in the year 2012. But it is more than a story. It's real, and it's happening - now !
(296 pages)

Channellings With Thoth by Debbie Summers
Debbie Summers went though a period in 2004 where she found herself channelling the ancient Egyptian god, Thoth. Those channellings are printed in this book. He talks about what will happen in 2012, how to bring more money to you, reincarnation and many other subjects. This book is available as a free ebook as Thoth wanted Debbie to share his wisdom with as many people as possible.
(9 pages)Download:  FREE

2012 Philosophy and the Ascension Process by GraceWatcher of Sakin'el
As incredible as it may seem to many people, humanity on Earth is in the process of an evolutionary change in how we experience life. This is also a time of rapid global warming and associated Earth changes are occurring at a rate that is much faster than expected. A long time ago, the Mayan calendar described 2012 as the end of the 5th age, or the end of the Great Cycle, which will be followed by a great cleansing.
(53 pages)

UFOs Crop Circles and the Mayan Calendar by Rob Simone
Rob Simone has traveled through 27 countries exploring mysterious and sacred places and the un-explained phenomenon that surrounds them. This book examines some of the highlights of Rob's research and experiences. Including over 50 stunning, some never seen before images and photographs of Egyptian Tombs, stone circles, UFO's, Jacob's Ladder and more! Rob Simone hosts a talk show on 104.4 FM London and was recently included in FATE Magazine's "Top 100 Ufologists" list along with Zecharia Sitchin and Steven Spielberg. Rob is founder of A.I.R., The Association of Independent Researchers and has been featured in UFO Magazine, FATE Magazine, Japan's Nippon TV, China's CCTV and recently on the 2-hour History Channel program "Decoding The Past"
(168 pages)

Last call from Earth -Stage I, Biological Survival by Al Herr
In December of the year 2012, a collision of branes creates a rupture in our universe. As a consequence, millions of galaxies separate themselves out and disappear into the night. The solar system accelerates its freezing process. On Earth, a major earthquake opens up a deep hole in the Yucatan peninsula. Expeditions into this hole, miles deep, find the remnants of an ancient civilization several millions of years old. This civilization comes to be known as the Rupturians. With the technological advances of the Rupturians, we learn to build Inter Galactic Teleportation Chambers, which we use to colonize seven planets in the galaxy Ptolomeo Dual Spiral. Over a period of 54 years, we teleport 800 million people to these colonies… But, unexpectedly, without knowing the cause, people in the colonies get their DNA archetypes out of control and become deformed physically, emotionally and mentally. The only salvation is to transplant their souls into bodies created in lab environments.
(292 pages)


From Authorhouse books


Keys to the Kingdom: The Year 2012 Countdown to the Apocalypse by Gary Alexander Byrd

The author is an ordained minister.

"Keys to the Kingdom; The Year 2012 Countdown to the Apocalypse is a prophetic book that unlocks the mysteries in the Book of Revelation. By revealing the astrological content that is embedded throughout the Book of Revelation, the scriptural texts become more relevant to the events happening in the world today. The ancient science of astrology and the celestial movement of the heavens were used by ancient cultures as a way to connect to both the heavens and God. The Egyptians, Mesopotamians, in addition to the Mayans and Incas all used the stars to foretell man’s destiny and fate. It is in the misunderstanding of this ancient science that modern man and astrologers alike have changed, altered, and ultimately loss the art of reading the night sky to determine man’s fate in these Last Days. According to ancient astrology, the Piscean Age will come to an end in the year 2012, while the earth will reach the first stars in the constellation Aquarius the following year. This year will also mark the beginning of the end of days, as God’s wrath will be initiated and serve as a prelude of the devastation that will come upon the planet. However, in the year 1999 and then in 2000, a celestial phenomena appeared in the heavens to signal the coming end and downfall of the fourth and final kingdom that is the Middle-East region today.  As a result, Keys to the Kingdom, makes a unique and compelling case that man’s fate and destiny is written in both the prophecy of the Biblical scriptures and in the movement of both the planet and stars that foretell the fulfillment of the ancient prophecies and the coming of the End of Days."



2012: The War for Souls by Whitley Strieber 336 pages (September 18, 2007)

"Whitley Strieber... has sold his new novel "2012" to Warner Brothers. ...In Daily Variety, Pamela McClintock reports that Michael Bay, who just finished directing "Transformers" will team up with producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who will write the script of 2012, which will be published by Tor Books in September. No release date has been set for the movie. McClintock describes Whitley's as-yet-unpublished book as the story of "an academic researcher who opens a portal into a parallel universe and makes contact with his double in order to stop an apocalypse foreseen by the ancient Mayans." Further hints about the book come from Robert Orci, who says, "We've been looking for a way to have the kinds of thrillers that we are interested in that still take into account the latest theories and discoveries in Egyptology and quantum mechanics, which Mr. Strieber is so knowledgeable about." Andrew Kurtzmann adds this fascinating statement, "The idea of a man teaming up with himself to solve a cosmic mystery was way too good for us to pass up." Whitley Strieber will be reading from 2012 in a series of Dreamland specials leading up to the publication of the novel in September, and will be publishing a document called 2012 Encodings on in June. This will reveal the complex structure of coded information that went into the creation of the novel.


"The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind by Barbara Hand Clow (Author) (Paperback) Paperback: 304 pages (April 22, 2007)

Barbara Hand Clow helps Carl Calleman (who writes the foreword) to spread his version of the Maya calendar. Calleman invented his own correlation in order to bolster his theory, and says that the Maya got it wrong, while he got it right. The theory is basically appealing as it seems to explain the end of the Long Count calendar (2012) in terms of an evolutionary pinnacle towards which we are all heading . This is an idea that is at the base of much alternative thinking, and answers many questions, such as the speeding up of technology and the apparent rush forward towards an ever-more rapidly changing world. However, Calleman and now Clow, claim that the Long Count must end in 2011, and therefore must have started in 3115 BC. Calleman has stated that he is a prophet - "The Jaguar Prophet of Our Times", and his followers are multiplyimg...Here's the blurb:

"Many researchers have investigated the science of time cycles by using the Mayan Calendar, which tracks the 5,125-year Long Count ending in the year 2012. History shows that civilizations suddenly appeared around 3115 B.C. in Egypt, India, and Sumer that used calendars based on systems similar to the Mayan Calendar, reflecting what was once a universal and sacred understanding of time. In The Mayan Code, Barbara Hand Clow draws on the work of biologist Carl Johan Calleman and many other New Paradigm researchers to unearth the deeper meaning behind the calendar and its message for modern civilization, especially during its final five years. As we approach the end of the Mayan Calendar, time and consciousness are accelerating. Working with Calleman’s time-acceleration theory, Barbara Hand Clow shows how the cycles of time marked by the calendar match important periods in the evolutionary data banks of Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy and that the calendar describes the evolutionary stage to come. She explores how our own personal healing is the most important factor as we prepare to make this critical leap in human evolution--now referred to as the awakening of the World Mind.


2012 Atlantean Revelations: Becoming a Mystic in a 9 to 5 World by "Sri Ram Kaa" and "Kira Raa" (Paperback) 329 pages ( 15 Jun 2007)

"This powerful book reads like a novel, inspires your deepest soul connection and is part workbook, part encyclopedia galactica! People who have read the pre-release version are already reporting that this writing has shifted their sense of self and world, opened the doorway to new abundance and is healing eons of ancient energies!"


Recent Reviews

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Chaos Point, the World at the Crossroads  by  Ervin Laszlo SEE THE DiaGnosis REVIEW.



Non-Fiction Books with "2012" on the cover :

Note: some books don't count. like Gaia's Rebirth: the Cataclysm is Coming December 23, 2012 by Stephen J. Grisanti, and Godschild Covenant: Return of Nibiru (prophecy and hope converge in 2012) by Marshall Masters, since the sub-title was thought up for Amazon and doesn't appear on the fact, Marshall Masters' recent book, Indigo-E. T. Connection: The Future of Indigo Children Beyond 2012 and Planet X doesn't have 2012 on the cover or mention it anywhere in the text (bandwagon, what bandwagon?) 2011 and 2013 are also omitted from this list...


1. Beyond 2012 : Catastrophe or Ecstasy by Geoff Stray Read Jaye Beldo's Review for Paranoia Magazine OR Read The Miranda Joyce Review

2. Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 by John Major Jenkins See Dire Gnosis item

3. Doomsday 2012: A Survival Manual by Randolph Weldon See Dire Gnosis Review

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5. The World Cataclysm in 2012 by Patrick Geryl See Dire Gnosis review of the previous Geryl book, since it renders this one redundant

6. How to Survive 2012? by Patrick Geryl See Dire Gnosis review of Geryl's Orion Prophecy, since it renders this one redundant

7. The Nostradamus Code: World War III - 2006 - 2012 by Dr. Michael Rathford

8. 2012 and Beyond: God Speaks to Humanity: Humanity May Die By Phillip Palmer

9. 2012 in Bible Prophecy: Shadow Mayan Tradition Clearly Cast Behind It by Wayne Redden Now available at Amazon

10. Towards 2012 part 4 & 5 edited by Gyrus

11. Ancient Gods and Their Mysteries: Will They Return in 2012 AD? by Robert T. Berringer see Diagnosis2012 mini-review

12. 2012 - Year of the Apocalypse: the Destruction and Resurrection of Earth by Edward Arnold See DiaGnosis mini-review

13. 2012: The Myth of the Mayan Calendar by August Noble SEE DIRE GNOSIS REVIEW!!


15. 2012 Gold's History Solves Mankind's Mystery by Mike Brumfield

16. Armageddon 2012: The Last Major Conflicts Between Scientific Truths & Religious / Academic Myths by "The Rogue Geophysicist" WARNING! THIS BOOK IS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE! See  Dire Gnosis Review

17. The Ark of Millions of Years Volume Two: 2012 and the Harvest of the End Times  by E. J. Clark & B. Alexander Agnew PhD THIS BOOK IS SO FULL OF ERRORS IT IS A DISGRACE...SEE DIRE GNOSIS REPORT

18. 2013 Oracle: Ancient Keys to the 2012 Awakening by David Carson and Nina Sammons

19. The Return of the Feathered Serpent Shining Light of 'First Knowledge': Survival and Renewal at the End of an Age, 2006-2012 by J.C. Husfelt, D.D.

20. 2012: You have a Choice: Archangelic Answers and Practises for the Quantum Leap by "Sri Ram Kaa" & "Kira Raa"

21. Let Your Light Shine for 2012 by Sean Bradley

22. Healing Immortal Self, Mind, Emotions, Body & Soul : Opening the Sacred Heart : Divine Love Transforming Consciousness, Healing All Afflictions; Purification of the World : 2011 - 2012 AD by William J "Omega"

23. Holy Wars 2006 - 2012 by Klaudio Zic Download: FREE at

24. Wave of Change 2012 - The Dawn of a New Day by Karen Barker

25. 2012 Atlantean Revelations - Becoming a Mystic in a 9-5 World by "Sri Ram Kaa" and "Kira Raa"

26. 2012 -The Year of the Mayan Prophecy (previously titled 2012 - Return of Quetzalcoatl) by Daniel Pinchbeck SEE DIRE GNOSIS REVIEW OF THIS BOOK!

27. 2012 - Mayan Year of Destiny by Adrian Gilbert (previously titled The End of Time - The Mayan Prophecies Revisited - December 21st 2012 : Is This The End of the World as we Know it? ) READ DiaGnosis2012 REVIEW HERE

28. Apocalypse 2012_ An Optimist Investigates the End of Civilization by Lawrenec Joseph SEE THE DiaGnosis REVIEW.

29. Keys to the Kingdom: The Year 2012 - Countdown to the Apocalypse by Rev. Gary Alexander Byrd

30. Gaia-Project 2012: Earths Coming Changes by Hwee-Yong Jang

31. The Revolution of 2012, Vol.1 The Preparation by Andrew Smith

32. The Ascension Guidebook: Pleiadian Guides Reveal the Four Energy Activations that Prepare Earth Beings for Ascension in 2012 by Duane Henkle

33. What is Next After the Kyoto Protocol: Assessment of Options for International Climate Policy, post 2012 by Niklas Hohne

34. Transition 2012 by "Enots Niaga"

35. 2012 Philosophy and the Ascension Process by GraceWatcher of Sakin'el

36. Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies & Possibilities by various authors (including Stray, Jenkins, Arguelles, Braden)

37. Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide by Jacco Van der Worp

38. 2012 and the Ring of Light: When Mankind Finally Grows Up by Nancy E Schaffron

39. 2012 by Mark Borax

40. Conversations With the Children of Now: Crystal, Indigo, Star, and Transitional Children Speak Out About the World and the Coming 2012 Shift by Meg Blackburn Losey, Msc.D., Ph.D.

41.The Ultimate Enlightenment For 2012: All We Need Is Ourselves by Michele Doucette



Online non-fictionbooks with 2012 in the title:

End of Time 21.12. 2012 by Daniel Srsa

Survive 2012 by Robert Bast

Enlightenment 2012 by Kiara Windrider. Online book released in installments: Introduction , Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3 and Chapter 4. However, apart from the fact that the pages never finish downloading, caution is needed at the site where it is posted. See DiaGnosis item


Fiction Books with 2012 in the Title:

1.Cosmic Locusts: The 2012 Convergence of Nostradamian, Mayan and Biblical Prophecy by Joel J. Keene

2. A Collision of Worlds 2012: An Unparalleled Quest for Power by Michael Jaden

3. Oblivion 2012: Book I - Mistress of the Komodo Dragons bySusan MV Baker

4. Event 2012 by Ray Burke

5. Continuum 2012 by Peter E. Lee

6. America 2012 by Erik Gregory

7. 2012 Airborne Prophecy by Nina Anderson

8. 2012 - The Shaman's Prophecy by D. Hoskins

9. Baktun 2012 by Heather Conrad

10. Reborn in Time For 2012 by Tamar George

11. Fear Kindness Love / Earth Ascending 2012 by Alexander Kiy

12. Pivot Point Terra 1: Before 2012 by Bernd K. Suehn

13. AWAKENING THE PHARAOH: How to Avoid World Cataclysm in 2012 by Andrew Wojcikiewicz

14. 2012: The War for Souls by Whitley Strieber

15. 2012: The Pavelic Lagacy by B.J. Atwell

16. Nephilim Stargates: The Year 2012 and the Return of the Watchers by Thomas R. Horn

17. Infinity's Flower: A Tale of 2012 & the Great Shift of the Ages by Jack Allis

18. The False Prophets: Will the Year 2012 Bring Heaven or Hell? by BJ Boltauzer

19. 12/21/2012: A Prophecy by John J. Ventre

20. 2012 The Last Will and Testament of the Gods by Mike Cooper


Online Fiction with 2012 in the title:

2012, The Year When All Times Will Meet! A vision of the future - An online fictional book by Swedish Rolland Mollbright

"2012" a novel by S. E. Bazarsky