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Includes a presentation by Geoff Stray on 2012 Research


Robert Bauval - Michael Cremo  Ian Baillie - Glenn Broughton - Mark Vidler - Joanna Emery- Adriano Forgione - Palden Jenkins  -
Paul Bura- Andy Thomas -Rod Bearcloud - Geoff Stray - Michael Glickman- Nikola Duper  
Temporary Temples - The Avalonian Free State Choir - John Mack - Dr Christine Page -Eltjo Haselhoff  
Stanley Messenger - Allan Brown 



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Other News

YoUri (Carl Sullivan), who drew the one-eyed telepathic love-being at Item 22 http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/3.htm#seers has a hilarious animation complex at http://www.juicyworlds.com/folio/ turn the sound up!


Chapter 9 of David Wilcock's Divine Cosmos has just been posted at



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