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       BEYOND 2012, Catastrophe or Ecstasy is available at last!

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  • Uppanaki - Mascot for the 2012 Ascension : Jeremy Turner has created a 2012 Mascot:" By the end of the year, this mascot will be available for download as a Microsoft Agent (cartoon office assistant).   Hopefully, by the end of 2012, people around the globe will have Uppannaki on their desktop." There is also an explanation, flash animation and forum. Uppanaki is a word developed from upward and Annunnaki.

  • The Red Letters : "The Red Letters represent a series of twelve letters that were dictated by the Master Kuthumi to the DK Foundation in the United Kingdom in order to aid mankind in its preparation for the upheavals expected between now and the year 2012."

  •  What's So Special About 2012?: An article by Geoff Stray, summarising some of the most fascinating 2012 facts and synchronicities covered in the new book, Beyond 2012

  • Passover 2012 : Kabbalah (gematria) and the bible code combine to provide a reason for Christians to expect the ascension, when the Bride of Christ (the Church) ascends to meet Jesus, to occur at the end of a 7-year tribulation on Passover 2012 (thanks to Robert Franks for the link)

  • Jonathan Bethel Interview : Jonathan Bethel, webmaster of Omega Point Institute and 2012Escaton.com was interviewed by R.U. Sirius about psychedelic visions and 2012, and the transcript is available online.

  • Galactic Centre Blog : Willard Van de Bogart, webmaster of Earthportals,com,  He has just started this blog (a blog is a cross between a forum and internet diary),"to encourage disloge on this special time of the ending of the 26,000 precession cycle which the Mayans of course announced at 2012."

  • Preparing for 2012: Miguel Angel Vergara's seven-stage development programme, with one 10-day workshop being held each year between 2006 and 2012, in the Yucatan area of Mexico.

  • Old Earth New Earth: Ascension 2011-2012


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  • Beyond 2012 - Catastrophe or Ecstasy by Geoff Stray with foreword by John Major Jenkins. What the 2012 researchers say...

  • Let Your light Shine for 2012 by Sean Bradley.

  • 2012 Gold's History Solves Mankind's Mystery by Mike Brumfield.


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2012 Talks in the UK in Somerset, Dorset, Surrey and Sussex

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  • "The Year 2012" - Geoff Stray interviewed by Jim Harold on the Paranormal Podcast

  • New Shpongle album, Nothing Lasts...But Nothing is Lost, features 3 tracks with Terence McKenna samples.

  • More New McKenna Material including audio and video at the Terence McKenna bibliography

  • Echan Deravy Video of the 2 Crosses at Urcos - the one pinpointed by Weidner and Bridges, and another one at the church in the town square. The commentary is in Japanese. The footage continues on to Tipon and the Inca trail, finishing at Machu Pichu. Just click the start button on the right of the website. Echan Deravy is the contactee covered in Whats new item 13, who has written 2 books (in Japanese) concerning 2012 - Merging Point and The Solar Code (see Other 2012 Links  page for more details)

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  • Spaceflight 2012

  • "2012" by Old Time Relijun

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  • JESUS - He is Coming in 2012 - a book in Greek by Efstathios Theodossis: This book is a result of a research which covered 8 years and it was based on scientific study regarding the fulfilment of biblical prophesies".

  • Revelations of 2012 : Another Japanese book on 2012, but this time with an accompanying website with 2012 info links.


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  • Galactic Centre Blog: Willard of Earthportals has created the blog ""to encourage disloge on this special time of the ending of the 26,000 precession cycle which the Mayans of course announced at 2012."

  • Knights of the Light : Alfred Dominic Borda's group (see Whats New item 9 and 2012 Books page)

  • Uppanaki forum: forum to discuss the 2012 mascot etc.




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