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8th March 2003: The Truth: In October 2002, a notice was posted on the internet revealing a conspiracy connected with a forthcoming cataclysm; the Mayan Long Count was implicated. The author, who claimed to be on the run, and posting from internet cafes, promised to show pictures on the internet on the 8th March 2003. The pictures were shown on time and conspiracy rumours were rife. Then 2 more internet sites became involved - all is now revealed.

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Shift of The Ages Vol.1 - at the End of Time: A new novel by Jan Nemeyeth, that has benefited one of the most effective publicity stunts ever, to promote a book. See What's New above...



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Brand New Page: Dire Gnosis Date Converter: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/conv.htm

Date Converter Page gives today's date in Gregorian, Julian day, Julian date, Long Count, Tzolkin & Haab, plus Islamic, Persian and Hebrew! It is an accurate date calculator for BC and AD dates and even calculates into the previous 13-baktun cycle!! It can even be downloaded to work offline and if you put it in your startup file it will tell you the Mayan date every time you switch on your computer! ...and its free!!


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Links to Timewave tracks, 2012 bands, 2012 tracks, 2012 albums - stream & download tracks & samples...(some of these are good, some aren't...)


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