2012 News Apr 2008 - Oct 2008

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New on What's New :

  • Dire Gnosis Review on Jean Erasmus's new Book, The Sleeper must Awaken
  • Lenny Shaw has written a review of the Los Angeles 2012 Conference, exclusively for Diagnosis2012
  • Tuning the Diamonds - Electromagnetism and Spiritual Evolution - Dire Gnosis book review
  • Contemporary Mayan Geomagnetic Prediction
  • Tortuguero Monument 6 - The Preceding Text
    Andrew Smith Predicts "A Big Sloshing of Water"
    Helen Sewell's Article for Dire Gnosis on the Astrology of 2012


New on 2012 Links:

  • - site includes a great 2012 video page!
  • 2012 Rising - Bruce Fenton's site, including his own essays.
  • Truth For Wellness, with its 2012 blog
  • 2012: Final Fantasy - Ernie Fitzpatrick's site promoting his three 2012 books
  • 2012 Predictions : a 2012 links directory


New on 2012 books:

NEW GEOFF STRAY BOOK OUT: 2012 IN YOUR POCKET - a 64-page pocket-sized condensed book with the latest updates!


THIRTY-SEVEN other NEW BOOKS ON 2012! 17 new 2012 Non-Fiction books, 1 fact/fiction; 11 fiction; 8 more 2012 books due out between June and October 2008!!

Darren Daulton's book is out!:

  • If They Only Knew by Darren Daulton

Hugh Newman's book on Psychic Children is finally out:

  • The Psychic Children - Dolphins, DNA and the Planetary Grid by Hugh Newman

There is also a sudden influx of "Beyond 2012" books:

  • The Divine Plan Beyond 2012 by Caroline Cory
  • Visions of the Fourth Dimension: Earth Beyond 2012 by Dawon Washington & Ruth Magan
  • Serpent of Light - Beyond 2012 by Druvalo Melchizedek
  • Beyond 2012: A Shaman's Call to Personal Change and the Transformation of Global Consciousness by James Enready
  • The Sleeper Must Awaken by Jean Erasmus SEE DIRE GNOSIS REVIEW
  • 2012: The Transformation from the Love of Power to the Power of Love by Robert Roskind
  • 2012 Quick and Dirty by Wayne Redden
  • Introducing Michael Morris: Countdown to 2012 BY John Reizer
  • The Ultimate Enlightenment For 2012: All We Need Is Ourselves by Michele Doucette
  • Earth Without Polarity -- Foreshadowing 2012 by Llan Starkweather
  • Doomsday December 21, 2012 by Karen Peebles
  • The Odd Man Out - The Taren Prophecy - by Noel J Rea
  • Journey to the Fifth World: Coming Full Circle in Healing and Transformation by Michele Ama Wehali
  • 2012: The Fourth Dimension: Book One of the Lyra Legacy Chronicles by Manda NON-FICTION/FICTION
  • Pandemonium in 2012 by Lee Cross NON-FICTION?
  • Flying Between Heaven and Earth by Gina E. Jones FICTION
  • Stellar Wind: 2012 (Paperback) by Catherine Barber FICTION
  • The Maya End Times: A Spiritual Adventure - Maya Prophecies for 2012 by Patricia Mercier FICTION
  • The Testari Scrolls by L. C. Laird FICTION
  • Trial in Jade: The Mayan Return by Margaret Evans FICTION
  • 2012- A Conspiracy Tale by Bryan Collier FICTION
  • 2012: The Fourth Dimension: Book One of the Lyra Legacy Chronicles by Manda FICTION
  • The Aquarians: An Ancient Mayan Prophecy - A Modern Phenomenon FICTION
  • The Thin White Line: A History of the 2012 Avian Flu Pandemic in Canada by Craig Dilouie FICTION
  • Earth 2012: The Ultimate Quest by Aurora Juliana Ariel FICTION
  • Keys of Destiny by Adin Kachisi FICTION


  • A Vision for 2012: Planning for Extraordinary Change by John Petersen out in June 2008
  • 2013: The End of Days or a New Beginning: Envisioning the World After the Events of 2012 by Marie D. Jones (Jul 2008)
  • The Maya Prophecies for 2012 by Gerald Benedict (Sep 2008)
  • 2012 Awakening: Choosing Spiritual Enlightenment Over Armageddon by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa September 2008)
  • The Book of Destiny: Unlocking the Secrets of the Ancient Mayans and the Prophecy of 2012 by Carlos Barrios (September 2008)
  • 2012 Rising by Bruce Fenton - Autumn 2008
  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to 2012 by Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews (Oct 2008).
  • 2012 and the Galactic Center: The Return of the Great Mother by Christine Page (October 2008) N.B. CHRISTINE PAGE HAS CHANGED THE DATES OF GALACTIC ALIGNMENT TO MAKE IT START AT HARMONIC CONVERGENCE!!




New on Other 2012 Links & Languages:


¿Final del juego?




New on 2012 Events:

MEGALITHOMANIA - Glastonbury, May 17th and 18th, plus Megalithic tours, Fri and Mon


New on 2012 Video:

  • Forthcoming film: 2012: Time of Awakening: NEW TRAILER NOW!
  • Sequel to 2012 the Odyssey: Timewave 2012: Odyssey II NEW TRAILER NOW!
  • other 2012 videos


Other News:

New 2012 Film coming, starring Russell Crowe:

2012, The Prophecy of the Serpent

Another 2012 film due: The Dark Rift:



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