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Urquhart_Anzani  "NORZANI" Lindsay Urquhart's special - Anzani engine in a Norton Featherbed frame



  1. maxresdefault“NORCROFT-ENFIELD”  50-degree v-twin. Home-cast crankcases with 2 Royal Enfield Bullet top ends in a frame specially designed by Metisse. 1000cc. Bill Hurr and Richard Hurst UK and India.
  2. EnfieldV-twin“CARBERRY ENFIELD” 55-degree v-twin… crankcase home-designed and built, with 2 Enfield Bullet 500 top ends.  Paul Carberry and Ian Drysdale. Australia and India.
  3. 2706660“MUSKET 700”.  70-degree v-twin. Home-designed and built crankcases with 2 350 Enfield Bullet top ends. Tickover is slower than most singles. Sounds fantastic! Aniket Vardhan. USA
  4. 14196130_10154558722358856_2524130021702998378_o“MUSKET 998” 59-degree v-twin. Made from 2 Enfield Bullet top ends on home-designed crankcases. Looks and sounds amazing! Aniket Vardhan USA. Now in production.



  1. 1077830_699743266708995_1695568492_o “AJS GOLDEN STREAK” Matchless Model X 1000cc side-valve converted to OHV by Sid Leitch. Scotland
  2. sid6b “MATCHLESS MX2 TRACKMASTER” Matchless Model X 1000cc side-valve converted to twin-port OHV by Sid Leitch. Scotland.
  3. sid1 “750 MATCHLESS-JAP” Matchless frame with 750 sidevalve v-twin JAP engine; Triumph Hurricane silencers. by Sid Leitch. Scotland.
  4. industrial4 “KOHLER 725”. Kohler 725cc v-twin lawnmower engine fitted in a BMW frame; Guzzi front end; Benelli front hub; Honda swing-arm, Triumph gearbox, BSA clutch, by EuroDave in New Zealand.
  5. greatdane “GREAT DANE” 1000cc V-twin engine made from home-cast crankcases with 2 Jawa speedway top ends. SOHC 4 valves per cylinder. AMC gearbox, BSA chain-case, Egli-style frame. By Gunnar Sorenesen, Denmark.
  6. empirestar “BSA M46 EMPIRE STAR V-TWIN”. Thirties-style (circa 1938) 1120cc  v-twin engine made from two M23 Empire Star top ends on a home-cast set of crankcases in a stretched M20 frame. Doug Fraser, Melbourne Australia.
  7. 000 "BSA B66”.  Fifties-sixties style 1140cc v-twin engine with home-cast crankcases, and 2 BSA B33 top ends, BSA flywheels, Harley crankpin and rods. In a BSA A7 frame. Other components are A7, except single front disc. Doug Fraser, Melbourne Australia.
  8. P1010946-L “E120R”. Evolution of Gold Star. Everything home-brewed. One-off frame and engine. Same bore and stroke as Gold Star, but v-twin with quad cam 1200cc engine, cassette gearbox and USD forks. Doug Fraser, Melbourne Australia.
  9. traupel “NOZZLE V12”. 1200cc v-twin engine. Two 4-valve DOHC Jawa speedway heads mated to home-cast crankcases; flat-slide carburettors, Alfa Romeo exhaust valves, Kawasaki GPZ gear cluster in a pre-unit home made casing. Rainer Traupel. Germany.
  10. ariel_V_twin “750 ARIEL TWIN”. 708cc 55-degree v-twin using two Ariel NH 350 top ends on a home cast set of cases. Tony Harris, HD 883 con-rod assembly on home-made crank assembly. Norton Commando 4-speed, Newby belt drive, BTH mag; Slimline Featherbed frame. Tony Harris. Barwell, Leicestershire, UK.
  11. DSC02571 “ES4” 1010cc v-twin engine made from two Norton ES2 top ends on the same design of crankcases as the 750 Ariel Twin. Alloy barrels and heads. Triumph Bonneville pistons. Chain-driven cams, in home-made Egli-style frame. Tony Harris. Barwell, Leicestershire, UK.
  12. vtwin1 “B100”. 60-degree 1000cc v-twin engine made from two BSA B50 top ends on a home-made set of crankcases. Matchless con-rods; Norton Commando primary drive, footrests, brake pedal. Featherbed frame and Dominator cycle parts.  Triumph Bonneville silencer. AMC gearbox. Gerald Fitzpatrick. UK.
  13. evansv-twin "EVANS V-TWIN” Two B50 top ends on a set of home-cast cases, with HD con-rods, in a Norton Featherbed frame. Front disc brake. AMC gearbox, Commando primary drive. Owen Evans. UK.
  14. rocket “ROCKET REDUCER”. A pair of 1919 Vickers crankcases with cylinders and heads from an old air-cooled VW camper, with more VW parts inside the timing chest. Anssi Kantonen. Finland.
  15. NorJap “NORJAP 1130”. Modified JAP v-twin crankcases, original Alfin barrels and two Manx Norton cylinder heads. It was used in a Cooper car and won many races. Built by Brooklands engineer, Robin Jackson in 1950-1951.
  16. P1010247copy “BAILEY-RUDGE 1000” Rudge engineer experiment. Two high camshaft 4-valve Rudge top ends. Designed by A.E. Bailey. Now owned by Dave McMahon of the Rudge Owners Club. UK.
  17. warbird “WARBIRD” 3130cc v-twin with two cylinders from a Continental radial cylinder aircraft engine on home- cast cases and a home-designed and built frame. Ian Douglas. USA.
  18. 5000cc_02 “KEIZER MERLIN” Built in Australia in 1982 by Lucky Keizer, this 5,000cc v-twin utilizes 2 cylinders from a Rolls Royce Merlin 27-liter v12 engine found in an abandoned Mustang fighter plane. Keizer added nitrous injection and a supercharger!
  19. gunbus-1 “GUNBUS” 6728cc monster engine built by German engineer, Clemens F has Boeing 767 wheels.



  1. westbsa “SUPERCHARGED B62” Crankcases from a 1934 BSA G11 (1000cc sidevalve v-twin) with B31 OHV top ends and BSA frame. Supercharger. Used for sidecar racing. Tony West Australia.
  2. packer1small2 “PACKER SPECIAL” Totally hand-built board track racer imitation. A 1000cc v-twin with 3 desmodromically-operated valves per cylinder.  See it in Sammy Miller’s museum UK.
  3. panther-1_zpsee6a04ce “PANTHER VEE” Harley Davidson 1200 bottom end with Panther M120 top ends. Barrels have plates welded so they can be bolted to the cases. Long John. Netherlands.
  4. ned10 “BIG NED”  A 3,000cc one-off v-twin where everything is hand made. with rotary valves and nitrous injection, it has a fork-lift clutch, front brake drum made from an oxygen cylinder, exhaust pipes made from fire extinguishers. Mark Walker. Australia.
  5. 8fb92 “THE ALBION”.  Made from all sorts of bits and pieces. 1027cc engine has crankcases made of plate steel. One BSA M20 head, one BSA M21 head, four BSA cams (M20, M21, B31), Citroen 2CV pistons & split bore barrels, BSA M20 crank with extended undersize homemade crank pin. In a Jawa/Iron Bar/Kawasaki/BSA frame. UK.
  6. P7010141 “VELOCETTE VULCAN”. 1000cc engine with home-cast crankcases. 60 degree vee, top ends and cams from a Velocette MSS. Alfin barrels.  Side by side rods with staggered barrels. Velo MSS flywheels re-balanced. Bob Higgs. Ashby-de-la Zouche, UK
  7. desmohog1 “DESMO-HOG” Ducati desmodromic top ends on Harley crankcases...Chris Barber. USA.
  8. img0879yf “WORLD’s FASTEST ROYAL”  1930 Model K Royal Enfield v-twin crankcases; homemade DOHC 4-valve conversion. 1140cc. Finland.
  9. 9672067112_3355cc3e84_b “HULSTER 8-VALVE” Harley Knucklehead bottom end; top end completely made by builder; Bronze cylinders, aluminium heads. "The cylinderheads are of the semi-radial type where no less than three exhaust rockers are needed to operate the valves that points 45 degrees away from eachother, the intake valves are in-line. Frame, tank and many other parts hand-made. "Stellan Egeland. S.E. Service. Sweden.
  10. Munro2 “WORLD’s FASTEST INDIAN” Munro. started modifying his 600cc 55mph v-twin Indian Scout in 1926 and made his own flywheels, barrels and pistons, using sand from the beach and old tin cans for casting. He ended up with a 950cc displacement and went to Bonneville 3 times in the nineteen sixties and set 3 world speed records, and once qualified at over 200 mph. Bert Munro. Invercargill, New Zealand
  11. munro3 "BURT MUNRO REPLICA"
  12. britten3 “BRITTEN V1000” Britten designed and built a v-twin that won several world speed records including fastest top speed at the Isle of Man (1993) and it also won against the big manufacturers at the Battle of the Twins at Daytona. The Britten V1000 was a Water-cooled 999 cc 60 deg V-Twin quad cam 4-stroke. John Britten. Christchurch, New Zealand.
  13. japexpt “JAP DOHC V-TWIN” JAP crankcases with 2 rare DOHC JAP speedway top ends.  Experiment that probably was never completed. Alec and David Card. UK.



  1. howardjap3 “HOWARD SPECIAL” 1340cc v-twin side-valve rotovator engine. Cast Iron crankcases. Brass timing cover. In stretched Suzuki 250 frame. Mikuni carburettor. Unidentified hand-change gearbox.
  2. howardpagea “HOWARD CHOP” 1340cc v-twin side-valve rotovator engine. Cast Iron crankcases. Brass timing cover. In 1937 Ariel frame. Pre-unit Triumph gearbox, clutch and primary drive. Extended Triumph Trophy forks. Anon. Australia.
  3. howard7 "HOWARD WHEELBARROW" 1938 engine in a lowrider with pullback bars and disc brakes.
  4. PC080161 “HOWARD KETTLE” Water-cooled 1340cc Howard engine in Harley Davidson chassis.
  5. howchop “HOWARD BITSA”
  6. howchop2 “HOWARD BITSA 2”
  7. japdtz “NORTON DTZ” 1323cc JAP engine from a railway Wickham trolley in a rigid Norton ES2 frame. Norton Dolls Head gearbox.
  8. japdtz3 “NORTON-JAP SPECIAL” JAP 1323cc DTZ trolley engine in Brough frame; Norton Dolls Head box, Brough tank, TLS front brake.
  9. howardharley “AL’S WONDER-BRA” 810cc Howard engine upgraded with Harley barrels and pistons, using adapting spacers and home cast and machined Matchless-style rocker castings. Exterior valve springs. Fitted to front of a 3-wheeler Morgan type car.



  1. sunderland1_zps487a765e "SUNDERLAND 1" JAP 500 cc 1954 Motor in a 1954 BSA swingarm (Gold Star B31/B33/A7/A10) Frame Sunderland family. NSW Australia
  2. sunderland6_zpsb7be9f43 "SUNDERLAND 2" JAP 1000 cc 880 1948 Motor in a 1954 BSA (Gold Star B31/B33/A7/A10)  Frame Frame Sunderland family. UK NSW Australia
  3. sunderland5_zpsa7a98d31 "SUNDERLAND 3" JAP 1100 cc Mk2 1950 Motor in a 1954 (Gold Star B31/B33/A7/A10)  BSA Frame Sunderland family. NSW Australia
  4. sunderland2_zps831e843c "SUNDERLAND 4" JAP 1100 cc Mk2 1953 Motor in a 1953 BSA (Gold Star B31/B33/A7/A10)   Frame Sunderland family. NSW Australia
  5. sunderland7_zpsdd056976 "SUNDERLAND 5"  JAP 1100 cc Mk2 1952 Motor in a 1960 BSA (Gold Star B31/B33/A7/A10)   Frame, Yamaha front forks and Suzuki front wheel. Sunderland family. NSW Australia
  6. imagephp “NORJAP SPECIAL” 750cc sidevalve JAP in a Norton Featherbed with AMC box
  7. woden “WODEN” JAP Alloy motor in a Featherbed with a distributor instead of a magneto. Dolls Head box.
  8. JAPTON "THE JAPTON" and LOTS of other OHV JAPs in Featherbeds.
  9. supercharged_jap4 "ROUGH SUPERIOR" by Anssi Kantonen, Finland.
  10. JAPmockup2 “JABSA '37” 1937 J.A.P. flathead with somewhat modified BSA Y model front frame section, M20 rear section and Burman box
  11. norojop2 “NORJAP 2” OHV JAP in rigid Norton frame.
  12. oldjapspecial“NORJAP 3” Sidevalve JAP in rigid Norton frame.
  13. husq “JAPVARNA” Husqvarna with OHV JAP engine
  14. coventryeaglenorton “NORJAP 4” OHV JAP/Coventry Eagle engine in rigid Norton frame with Dunelt heads, Dolls Head box.
  15. norjapstripbike “RED DEVIL NORJAP ” Flathead JAP in a Norton rigid frame, with Dolls Head box.
  16. japbsa “JABSA 985” BSA frame (not an M20 as it hasn't got the RHS frame kink); JAP engine (1930 G30-15 -985 cc) ; Norton "Dolls Head" gearbox
  17. sunbeamjap “JAPBEAM 750” Sunbeam with JAP MT 750 engine


  1. jonesvtwinwessy “WESFOALE 1000”. 1000cc DOHC Weslake v-twin engine (one of only 6 made) was put in a Tony Foale chassis. Now in Australia.
  2. weslake complete "WORLD’S FASTEST WESLAKE” DOHC Weslake v-twin 1000cc engine in handmade frame. Designed for Bonneville Salt Flats. Briz Suffolk, UK. (Now sold). One of only 6 made.
  3. godden3 “GODDEN METISSE V1000” SOHC 1000cc v-twin racing engine in a Riickman Metisse frame. AMC box.
  4. godden7 “GODDEN GR1000 FLAT-TRACKER”
  5. DSC08691"WESLAKE WASP" and other assorted racing Weslakes and Goddens


  1. nordianstdtank01 “NORDIAN” 1376 cc Indian V-twin. The engine is a re-engineered new item from Kiwi Indian, who make repro flathead Indians: and uses cams designed for Bonneville salt flats speed records.... the bike uses Mikuini carbs; the frame is a Norton Featherbed; the gearbox is Norton. The primary drive is belt drive, and ignition is by Lucas alternator. Neil Grieve, UK.
  2. nordian2 “INDIBIRD 741” Triumph Thunderbird frame with 741 Indian engine and gearbox
  3. nordianhp9 “RIGID NORDIAN” Norton 16H frame and cycle parts with 750 Indian v-twin motor. 
  4. 1953Vindian “VINDIAN” A Vincent engine in an Indian Chief frame with 1950-53 forks.
  5. ajs57a “INDIANAJAY” Indian Chief engine in an AJS rolling chassis - "an actual prototype built in England as an idea to reintroduce Indian V-twins.". Built in 1957, other sources say it was made in USA
  6. matchless1 “AJAY INDIAN 2” Another one as above.
  7. matchless2 “AJAY INDIAN 3” 1947 Indian Chief engine and was built in 1960....owned by Indian Don...giant Indian mudguards
  8. atlaschief “INDITON” Indian Chief in a Norton Featherbed frame. AMC box, Commando front end. Allen Goldwater.
  9. Scout05 “TRIDIAN” Triumph 650 frame; Triumph 500 Speed Twin rear frame; BSA mudguards; Triumph wheels; Indian Scout 58-inch "Stroker Super Scout" engine and narrowed Scout fuel tanks. Dry weight 330 lbs. Jim Mosher. USA
  10. apache6 “APACHE” OHV converted Indian Chief engine in unknown frame, Triumph gearbox.
  11. crockariel “CROCARIEL” Crocker engine - a 1939 61-cubic inch big twin (the design was inspired by the BSA Y-13) - in a pre-WWII rigid Triumph frame, plus Triumph front end and transmission, with an Ariel tank (note heavily modified downtube).
  12. Vintage Motorcycle Photographs “RUCKER” OHV conversion designed by Crocker, for a750cc Indian Scout engine in a 1920 Crocker-built copy of a Rudge frame.
  13. matchlessv4 “JIMINSON”. Harley 45 bottom end with Matchlesss top ends; Triumph 6T pistons; VW Beetle pushrod tubes; VW Kubelwagen alternator; Mazda oil filter; BSA chaincase (C10/B31); Triumph clutch; Amal Monobloc carbs; BSA A10 frame and cycle parts; BSA A10 gearbox; Matchless tank.
  14. matchley “HARMATON” Featherbed frame, 45 Harley bottom end, Matchless top ends; AMC gearbox, alloy café race tank; café race seat. 2 into one exhaust and long megaphone.
  15. matchley5 “NORMASON” ” Featherbed frame, 45 Harley bottom end, Matchless top ends; AMC gearbox, alloy café race tank; café race seat and front disc brake; straight-through pipes
  16. jap_dragbike_customheads1 “JAPLEY” Dragbike featuring Harley 45 bottom end and JAP top ends with Gus Carlheim 5-stud heads.
  17. japley1 “HARJAP” Pre-1928 Harley Davidson  with complete OHV JAP engine, installed after the original engine blew up. Bjarne Wist from Trondheim, Norway. Now in Norwegian Museum of Science, Technology and Medicine, in Oslo
  18. MOTORHDOHV001 “EMPIRE STARLEY” A JD Harley Davidson from the 1920s, with BSA Empire Star heads and modified rocker boxes (circa 1938). The barrels may be trimmed JD barrels.
  19. norley “KNUCKTON” Knucklehead in Norton "garden gate" frame
  20. PB210204 “HARLTON” Harley 45 side-valve engine in Norton Featherbed frame.
  21. harley-cafe-3 “HARLEYTON 45” Harley 45 engine in Norton Featherbed frame
  22. norley3 “NARLEY” Harley KR 750 flat track engine in Featherbed frame
  23. Frankie_800 “HARBSA” 980cc K top end on a 45 bottom end, with a BSA A10 frame and gearbox.
  24. Harleyton-04 “HARLEYTON” Harley Sportster engine in Featherbed.
  25. Nortonley “NORTONLEY” Evolution 1200 Sportster engine in a Featherbed.
  26. harton22 “HARTON” Ironhead Sportster in a Featherbed.


  1. KPVTWINJAP “JAPTON” JAP OHV in Featherbed Ceriani forks, Norton Dolls Head box.
  2. 293341012_ae5942f489_z “AJ NORTON” AJS side-valve 990cc v-twin in a Norton Featherbed. John Tickle TLS front brake. Gearbox as supplied to later AJS 7R.
  3. norvin3a Various “NORVINs” Vincent engine in a Featherbed.norvin-spirit
  4. buell-manx-2 “BUELL MANX” Buell engine in a Featherbed.
  5. hedland “HEDTON” Swedish Hedlund racing v-twin engine in a Featherbed. AMC box. The Hedlund engine was designed in Sweden by Nisse Helund, for sidecar racing. The first one was produced in 1975. One came third in the world championship in 1979
  6. banquer-920-c “NORTON-YAMs” 920cc Yamaha engines in Norton Featherbeds.
  7. rides08071815 “YAMBED” Yamaha TY1 in a Featherbed.
  8. sepp_5a ‘YAMATON 1” Café-racer 1000cc Yamaha Virago  engine in Featherbed frame; TLS front brake; box section swingarm; two-into one high level pipe. Bottom frame rails removed. Sepp Koch.
  9. sepp_3a “YAMATON 2” Café–racer. 1000cc Yamaha Virago engine in Featherbed frame: Twin-disc front brake. High-level pipes under the seat. Bottom frame rails removed. Sepp Koch.
  10. rides08071816 “NORCATI 860” 860 Ducati engine in a Featherbed.
  11. ApriliaNorton_cafe_rt “NORTILIA” Aprila 1000cc v-twin in a Featherbed.



  1. ArielJap9 “ROUGH INFERIOR” Neville Cushing's Ariel-JAP special, featuring an 1100cc side-valve JAP v-twin "from a rotovator", (converted to twin-magneto), in an Ariel frame, with a Royal Enfield tank.
  2. VeeTwinSS100-01 “MILLYARD SS100” "SS100" v-twin  made from two Honda ss50 engines in an SS50 rolling chassis.
  3. honda70v_zps2f2bf57f “HONDA CT140” Made from two Honda CT70 engines in a CT70 mini-bike chassis
  4. 2_1298308519 “JUNAK 700” Home designed crankcases.  Whether cast or modified is unknown. Top ends from a Polish Junak 350. Ingenious design where the front cylinder is swivelled 90 degrees anti-clockwise and the rear cylinder is swivelled 90 degrees clockwise. The camshaft is in a magneto-like structure between the cylinders. (The pushrods are unusually on the left hand side of a Junak 350). All squeezed into a Junak 350 rolling chassis.
  5. bild622 “HOREX AMMON” This (variously either 700cc or 750cc) 90-degree v-twin presumably made by Herbert Ammon, is formed of two modified 350 top ends - from a Horex Regina, with specially-made barrels, on a 1955 Horex Resident crankcase, inspired by the original Albert Petith creation below.
  6. Horex+Prototyp+V700_PA260113.JPG.small “ BUFFALO 700” Alfred Petith's original special; cylinders, heads, and pistons came directly from the 350cc Resident. Centercases are from the Resident, but are heavily modified, rewelded for the accommodation of two cylinders. It has a homemade crank with a crankpin for two connecting rods. To cool down the rear cylinder, which is blocked by the forward cylinder, Petith installed a multi-step oilpump for more flow. The clutch is originally from a Resident 350 and was a weak point, as it was overstrained with the power that has been increased to at least 40HP.
  7. bsa-thompson-vtwin-2 “BSA THOMPSON V2.” 1100cc built by Pete Thompson in 1991/92. Frame: BSA A10; BSA B50 heads, cylinders (and same carburettors as B50).A10 gearbox. Pete made 5 of these bikes.
  8. 11215851_873932039358426_5253428919941258997_n “MAL 800” by Gustavo Salvador. Home-cast cylinder heads and crankcases. Conrods made by sawing, welding and drilling other con-rods. Engine actually runs! Not yet in a frame.
  9. lambjap “LAMB JAP”. Made by Lamb Engineering. a 1320 cc JAP engine, with their own design of oil pump, using KTM parts. Also features S&S parts - crank, rods, pistons and cams, plus carb - and a rev-Tech gearbox.
  10. anand-bhalerao-2-1 “MUMBAI ENFIELD” 45-degree twin made from 2 Enfield AVL motors It has wet sump oil circulation and rocker adjusted pushrods. Anand Bhalerao and Dean Fernandes of Mumbai
  11. matchlesswierega "MATCHLESS 700 V-TWIN” Two Matchless 350 top ends on 350 cases that are modified and welded. Henk Wierenga. Netherlands.
  12. 002hi-res “OHC EXCELSIOR REPLICA” Entire machine made by Paul Brodie. USA. 1000cc replica of 1919 board-tracker. He has built 4 of these replicas.



  1. 358-51-1 “RUBY RACER” modernised version of the Excelsior replica used for track racing. With modern carburation and ignition. Paul Brodie USA.
  2. heemskerk1c “HEEMSKERK BSA” B50 barrels, heads and pistons, Vincent rods, Norton box, Triumph cycle parts, Norton Isolastic suspension, primary drive, 1070cc, two SOHCs, home-cast horizontally split crankcases, Honda cam chain tensioners. Jan Heemskerk, Netherlands, 1982.
  3. f1cetu “HUSKARIEL” 1920s Husqvarna 61 v-twin in an Ariel frame. 550cc.
  4. raven4 “THE RAVEN” MotoGuzzi engine, turned into an inline v-twin, using Norton Gearbox and clutch, and Honda wheels, suspension and brakes.. Jeff Gundlach. USA.
  5. 10531351_10203657898839944_939302789201711822_o “NORTON SUPERIOR” Frame is made from a rusty 1938 Norton 16H sidevalve 500 single, into which was slotted a totally new, handmade Matchless MX2 overhead valve 1000cc v-twin engine. the engine was made by Maurice Cross, and the bike was constructed by Bill Higginson as a "smaller, lighter, more compact 1000cc Brough - something that coul have been made pre-war by an enthusiast who couldn't affoird Brough prices." UK.
  6. pav3-1080x650 ‘JAP NLG REPLICA”. 1909 bike with 2714cc v-twin engine made by North London Garage. All parts made by Pavel Malanik from old photos.. Czech Republic.
  7. attachment  "HARZANI EIGHT VALVE" "I am still missing (the) pinion gear and the magneto bevel mitre gear. Anyway I (had) dreamed of Anzani for years and, when I bought this one, it was the start of a long road (well worth it!) I will complete this; it may bankrupt me but (I) cannot turn back now. The frame was built from 3 junk 1923-24 Harley frames with a new tubing here and there..."
  8. DSC02634 “BINDIAN” Bindian Special made by Pete  Thompson Photographed at Nettley Marsh Eurojumble, 7th September, 2013. 1917 Indian Powerplus crankcase and flywheels: 1954 hardtail BSA frame; 1952 Matcless top ends; Triumph oil pump on end of camshaft; coil ignition; dynamo instead of mag.
  9. Icarus 1 “ICARUS” Lock Baker of Eastern Fabrications in Conneticut USA built this engine around the cylinders, heads and pistons from a Continental 0200 flat four light aircraft engine. - Lycoming He designed the crankcases with a Harley-like 45-degree vee and extra cylinder studs, and had them cast by a foundry, then machined them himself and made his own camshafts. The motor is well oversquare with a bore of 4+" and a stroke of 3+". It has Lectron flat slide carbs.
  10. 1150246_10200451406950911_391969773_n “THE FLYING MILLYARD” 5000cc v-twin with top ends from two Pratt & Whitney R1340 aircraft cylinders. Allen Millyard. UK.
  11. japspecial “CRETINGHAM JAP MT750” JAP 750 sidevalve v-twin in a home-made chassis. Norton Dolls Head gearbox.Gilbert Sills. Cretinghaam Crank Co.
  12. DSCF1015_zpsh6xeftij-1 “CRETINGHAM DTZ JAP” 1323cc. Wickham Trolley engine in a home-made frame.Gilbert Sills. UK



  1. howard3 “1932 HOWARD” Howard 1340 Rotavator engine in Plunger frame, Triumph conical hub front wheel
  2. howard2 “HOWARD CHOP 2” Howard 1340 Rotavator engine in swinging arm frame
  3. 021 “VINCATI SS" Ducati 900 SS chassis with Vincent engine.
  4. fick1 "HARMLESS" Made by the famous Netherlands builder Cees Fick. One of several cafe racers with a Harley 45 bottom end and Matchless top-ends, in a Featherbed frame.
  5. Bulletster "BULLETSTER" Harley Sportster with Royal Enfield Bullet top ends.
  6. 10265359_10152215651712428_5611666279640460103_o "WSA 4-CAM" Builder: Veikko Sikiö, Juupajoki, Finland. Engine: 800 cc, 60 degree v-twin, BSA B31 cams, upper end, (heads, barrels), home/ shed-cast cases by owner, Harley Sportster flywheels. All work has been done by Veikko himself, all machining, numerous castings and patterns to create a complete bike.
  7. dsc00001 "TATRA-CHOP" 3000cc engine from Czech car company Tatra - the third oldest in the world after Daimler and Peugeot.
  8. 10272540_10152362468607489_6770465725517827487_o "ANTIPODEAN NORJAP" Greg-Summerton -built JAP engine in a Norton Featherbed frame: Greg says: "Another friend, Dave Basham, made the wheel hubs (although I machined the backing plates), I made the engine and fork sliders, the frame is a Norton Domi item, the gearbox is a 5 speed Extra Heavy Duty TT Industries unit manufactured by Bruce Verdon in New Zealand...I made the oval section swingarm so the wider Avon race tyre could be fitted."
  9. 339614714_dMy4p-L "NORGOD" Godden v-twin in a Norton Featherbed frame
  10. harleyjd "TURQUOISE JAPLEY" Harley J1000 bottom end circa 1928 - with JAP top ends
  11. paulduncan_singletary "TRUMPLEY 750" 1945 45" Harley in a 1950s Triumph Speedtwin frame; Triumph gearbox.
  12. STEVES750 "HARBSA 750" Harley WLA 750 engine in a BSA (A7) framewith a BSA C15 tank.
  13. 4699067 "HARBSA 2" 1942 WLA using a BSA A10 frame (1960) A10 gearbox, A65 forks & rear end, sprung clutch.
  14. SputheXR009_zpsbef94f39 "SPUTHESTERTON" Ironhead Harley Sportster engine with 93" Sputhe top ends in a Norton Featherbed frame
  15. Gilera V twin "GILERA 300" Gilera V-twin made from 2 Gilera 150 engines, with unknown top-ends
  16. 527308_540616465955010_1728713252_n "AFF B66" Made from a BSA B33 engine, another B33 top end and an Ariel frame.
  17. 7821686992a2f33ca743f8e4c3289ba4b4f4188b_r "HONDA V180" 180cc v-twin made from two Honda CT90 singles
  18. $_20-2 "HOWLEY 1340" Aus built V- twin 1340cc motor in rigid early Harley frame and a Triumph 4speed box has had neck bearing turned down to take Japanese front end... was on the road in the Sixties; motor still runs.
  19. $_12-5 "BROOKLANDS JAPLESS" JAP v-twin crankcases, Matchless heads; AMC gearbox; Castle forks- unfinished project in metallic orange.
  20. 1 "HARFIELD 1200" Royal Enfield KX 1140 sidevalve v- twin converted to overhead valve (Harley Evolution top ends) complete with Ariel chaincse, gearbox and clutch



  1. jabsa "JABSAWOCKY" 1927 JAP sidevalve v-twin in a 1938 BSA M20 frame. Hand change; Brough silencers
  2. Matchless-MAG1 "MATCHLESS-MAG 998 SPECIAL"
  3. splash4 "NORCATI 750 SS" Norcati 750ss with modified wideline Norton Featherbed frame, made by Phil Cotton in Cumbria
  4. Norcati 900 Darrens 098 "NORCATI 900" 900 Ducati beltriven OHC Desmo in a Featherbed frame.
  5. ViscountVincent-1 "VISCOUNT VINCENT" Official special (several made) in a Featherbed frame
  6. musket-motorcycle-920-1 "MUSKET 1120" Aniket Vardhan's Bullet conversion hogged out to 1120cc
  7. 1-MC-022 "HARMLESS DRAGRACER" Matchless top-ends on Harley WLA bottom end. "Chris Bartram’s engine was a complete one-off. They put 350cc ohv Matchless top ends on a 1942 side-valve Harley bottom end."
  8. 8 " HONDA W375" Made by Daeng Custom in Indonesia by splicing 3 Honda 125 top ends on a 125 bottom end.
  9. 2 "CB V-TWIN" 250cc v-twin made by Daeng Custom in Indonesia - 2 Honda 125 top-ends on a 125 bottom end.
  10. tumblr_na31kpGYPb1tjo005o4_1280 "VESPA V-TWIN4-STROKE" By Psycho Engine, Indonesia
  11. cb500vtwin "HONDAHA DOUBLE SCORPION" Honda 125 bottom end with two Yamaha Scorpion top ends to make a 500cc v-twin! Made in Indonesia
  12. 22 "HONDAHA W600 TRIPLE" At Daeng Custom(Indonesia) they have made a 600cc W-triple from 3 Yamaha 200 top ends on a Honda GL 100 crankcase!!



  1. 011415-2015-mecum-auction-1915-twindian-indian-cannonball-baker-TWndin "TWINDIAN" Built in the 1920s by linking two Indian Powerplus v-twins together.
  2. c10vee1 "BSA-BITSA C22" Jo Marchand (lives near Nantes in France) created this 500cc BSA v-twin from two BSA C11G top ends on a C11G bottom end, squeezed into a C11G frame: "The connecting rods are mounted on the same original crankpin bronze bush. The timing gears are split to half the thickness, running off the same crankshaft pinion. The second set of contact breakers is mounted on the same contact breaker plate.The cylinders are offset by 72 degrees. Ignition occurs for each cylinder at every revolution of the engine (wasted spark). The engine is inclined rearwards. Intake pipe as required. The frame is cut and extended by 15 cm and reinforced to support the engine at the same time"
  3. 1947-jap-lyclone "LYCLONE 750" ""Lyclone" is presumably a skewed reference to a Cyclone. The bike was built by Roger Lye of Lyco Engineering (now retired) and was intended to emulate the board track racers of the early part of the last century. The engine is a 1934 750cc JAP MTS/D V-twin which is housed in a 1947 Norton frame lengthened to accommodate the extra cylinder. The gearbox is a Norton Doll's Head unit. Forks are Webb. The combination fuel/oil tank is hand made. Various parts came from Raleigh and Royal Enfield." From Sump Magazine
  4. ee2ecd883af961e77e71307729d12902 "BLACK ERNA" "Black Erna", the petrol-burning Weslake v-twin speedway bike built by Otto Lantenhammer is now in the posession of speedway star Paul Pinfold in Australi. Only 26 Weslake pushrod v-twin engines were made... this one had extra fins since petrol burns hotter than methanol, which the engines were designed to run on.
  5. weslakegodden "GOD-LAKE" Weslake DOHC bottom end (one of only 6 made) with Godden top ends
  6. weslake5a "NORLAKE 1000" Alan White's overhead cam v-twin 1000 Weslake (or BVR as in Brian Valentine Racing).
  7. 10974435_10152619361457213_4124113947284921879_o MANX-STYLE JAP" Another home - brewed Manx Norton style v-twin using JAP crankcases.
  8. vincati_front "POWDER-BLUE VINCATI" Built by "Big Sid" Biberman and son Mathew, USA: 1973 GT750 frame with a 1953 Vincent Rapide engine:
  9. vincati "BLACK VINCATI" Vincent engine in Ducati 900 SS chassis Victoria, Australia.
  10. vincati_black2 "VINCATI 1200 SS" (Previously a silver 1000 SS) 1973 Vincati 1200 The Vincati that was built by Neal Videan, passed on to John Caraway, then was transformed by Mitch Talcove (Ziggy).- one of only 6 Vincatis in the world... we have seen 4; here are the other two:
  11. untitled "JOHNSON-VINCATI" Built by Max Johnson, 1972, Australia
  12. pic_vincati1 "VINCATI SHADOW" 1950 Vincent Black Shadow engine in a 1974 Ducati GT750 chassis."Phil's Vincati boasts a French-made Alton altenator and Boyer electronic ignition"
  13. 1UjHWOD "HOWARD BSA" Cast iron crankcases. The motor is stock, rebuilt with new ball bearings, new 40 thou over pistons, new valves and guides. It has Pazon electronic ignition & PVL coils to replace the magneto. It always starts first kick. It has a Commando clutch & belt drive & a Lucas alternator from a Commando, a Tympanium AC converter/ voltage regulator. Gearbox is stock 1928 BSA three speed. Front brake is BSA M20. It's brass timing cover was too rough to save, I made that one from an old alloy barbecue plate. Inlet manifold is home made & the carburetor is an Amal 276."
  14. 9986653363_bb9fe08b9b_b "NORGOD 2" Godden v-twin in a Norton Featherbed frame
  15. IMG_5758_zps5013a951 "DUNCENT" Ducati belt-driven OHC engine in a Vincent frame.
  16. blog popham jackson "THE INDOMITABLE JACKSON" Special featuring 1929 AJS v-twin engine.
  17. DSCF0467 ENFIELD 1140 BITSA"
  18. bjs "THE BJS" or Bill Jackson Special. Built circa 1938 by Bill Jackson, featuring Jap 8hp engine in a BSA Sloper frame.



  1. norcati2 "NORCATI 900 SS" Ducati 900 SS engine in a Norton Featherbed frame.
  2. 10697316_706767106073091_6936023753823864803_o "FLYING KNIBBS" 3000cc 2 cylinders of a 9-cylinder 16-litre radial aircraft engine and with original crankcases that have been “cut down” Chris Knibbs, who now lives in New Zealand created this 3,000cc v-twin in the UK and just got it running before taking it out to NZ to finish it.
  3. 10562704_706768906072911_2356569158481826252_o "KNIBCENT" Vincent engine in handmade monoshock frame. Chris Knibbs. New Zealand.
  4. british-racing-motorcycle-v-twin-988cc-godden-rickman-metisse-sprint-hill-climb-2 "GODSA" Godden 1000cc v-twin in a BSA frame.
  5. ss180 "HONDA SS180" Allen Millyard followed his Honda SS100 (made from two Honda fifty singles) with this SS180 made from two Honda C90 singles
  6. C93C874B-01BB-4017-A1C2-76EFDD024502-16956-00000BBE5A220897_zpsd5370baf "HOWARD V-TWIN FLATTY" Howard Eight engine (750cc) in an unknown rigid frame
  7. 10 "AJAY RETRO SPECIAL" AJS Special... Frame first registered 1959, V twin special, fitted with a 1934 AJS 990cc V twin side valve engine & tall gearing ." for Sale at Andy Tiernan Classics.
  8. WP_20151217_002 "VELO 700 VEE" This 700cc Velocette v-twin was made from two early ninteen fifties Velocette MAC 350 singles.
  9. buell-metisse "BUELL-METISSE" Buell engine in a Rickman Metisse frame by Joe Banks
  10. 10177387_513970615375375_6572449101315164599_n "NORTON-JAP SPECIAL" from 1930
  11. 12359937_1079630252061478_1712072357026683811_n "NORWICH 750" Norton Big Four with JAP (John Alfred Prestwich) 750 flathead twin.
  12. 10300175_10153917091376614_5814721595645953790_n "JAPTON DTZ" DTZ JAP engine in a Norton rigid frame with Norton Dolls Head gearbox.
  13. 12113466_420495434811095_2139783390308847914_o "JAPSA" JAP v-twin in a pre-war BSA M20 frame
  14. 15171195_10208030350977764_4761852368707607638_n "JAPRIEL" JAP in an Ariel frame.
  15. 12027555_895491123875441_9191849692858176921_n "SUPERVEE" The engine was made in the eighties (1988) by Nostalgia Cycles in California, by chopping two top-ends off a small-block Chevrolet. It displaces 1573cc. Few owners could get them running right. Owned by Sumo.



  1. Sunbeam_XB9_Special "BUELLBEAM" Buell v-twin in a Sunbeam S7 chassis
  2. foto19_zpsd15a0a9c "FICKIN BONNEVILLE" In the Netherlands, "Zeeland builder Harry" has taken several years to put together this salt-flats racer as a tribute to Cees Fick, the Dutch bitza-builder in the 60s and 70s. It features a genuine Cees Fick engine with HD WL/WLA 45 bottom end; Matchless G80 top end, ;and what looks like a late-forties-early fifties BSA gearbox (despite original plan to use a Triumph one).
  3. 15000679_557362644457706_6422660781239590028_o "CROOK NORJAP" David Crook's NorJap takes shape
  4. 1485951_625566780812755_2142517228_o "LORMAC" JAP in an M20 chassis. Looks like the front downtube has been bent forward to aid the fit.
  5. s-l1600-7 "NORJAY 500 HYBRID" "1937 Norton 16H Fitted with AJS 500 V Twin Engine ' Hybrid Special' Engineer built, foot gear change, also fitted with unfinished hand gear change conversion 'just needs connecting rod / hand control knob fitting etc'... . The bike starts and is 99.9 % finished other than gear change system, fitted with bespoke Brooklands style fishtail exhaust system, New magneto, New old school vintage carb..."
  6. 15123233_10210583981851058_1350385597941538948_o "RACING NORJAP" Racing JAP in a Featherbed
  7. TCM-Nov2016-p14 "MATCHLESS MX2" Les Phelps' 1939 Model X Matchless fitted with the OHV engine. A bike that should have been built by Matchless over 80 years ago. This may be the only one so far...except for Sid Leitch's "AJS Golden Streak", but that is actually a Matchless model X modified to OHV rather than being fitted with the "MX2" OHV engine, that was made by Matchless specifically for Morgan 3-wheelers from 1933 to 1939. It was also fitted to some Brough Superiors. We saw Bill Higginson's "Norton Superior" bike with an MX2 engine bike on V-Twin News p.4, but that is fitted to a Norton 16H frame.
  8. s-l640 "JAPLESS" JAP in a Matchless frame.



  1. 16113257_1892391500991282_2083967052491562878_o "VELOJAP" KTT Velocette with JAP v-twin power (Thanks to Stefan Schlenk)
  2. motory-1 "JUNAK 700 MACH 1" Polish Motorcycle rally in 1985: This version of the Junak v-twin has the cylinders at a bigger angle, and they seem to be orientated the same as in the single, except for the rear exhaust and inlet being reversed.
  3. 2_1298308553 "JUNAK 700 MACH 3" A third version of the Juak 700 special...this time, camshaft drive is from the engine sprocket.
  4. IMG_0619 "NORLESS MX2" Here is another Matchless MX2-engined special. Built around 1960, the builder, John, put the v-twin engine into the frame of a 1938 plunger Norton frame.
  5. IMG_0298 " BSA Y13 RETRO SPECIAL" This was found in an obscure Australian shed advert... Thirties BSA Y13 750 v-twin engine in a fifties plunger frame, (48-53 Gold Star frame), and fifties BSA gearbox as fitted to these early Gold Stars, but turned 90 degrees. Oil tank is Matchless; girder forks are from an earlier machine. The bike was built by John Mazzer in Lismore, Australia. He spotted it 25 years ago leaning against a wall at a client's house and it took over 20 years before he managed to get hold of it.
  6. 21403421378_9932eb49b7_b "ARIEL SPECIAL" Ariel-JAP special. Norton Dolls Head gearbox; BSA front hub; AJS/Matchless oil tank.
  7. 1780874_550826218350649_2832287535013193059_n " NORFIELD MUSKET" Aniket Vardhan's v-twin Enfield Musket motor - a Featherbed conversion under development
  8. 1938-oec-jap-special-858x570 "THE OSBORN KETTLE" The Bonhams Spring Sale at Las Vegas in April 2011and the Stafford Classic Bike Show Auction in October 2011 included this 1938 OEC (Osborn Engineering Company) special with a water-cooled 980cc JAP v-twin engine.
  9. 14469613_1122831717808470_2248905130699084643_n "THE SHACKLEFORD" Engineer, Brian Shackleford designed and built this remarkable machine....
  10. 73853_368742673217382_154588121_n "B-SHAMAN" made in Finland, from a "1929 BSA G29"
  11. 14570269_1412047838824203_5805923946204319675_n "SPECIAL" Sam Lovegrove's Royal Enfield Special
  12. Rex-OEC-Museum-Exhibit-CC2-5 "REX-OEC" JAP engine in an OEC frame with 2-wheel drive! - museum exhibit.
  13. maxresdefault "BROUGH BITSA" Brough bitsa with JAP DTZ engine: Non-standard engine from a railway trolley car or firing range; Triumph twin-leading shoe Bonneville front brake and circa 1970; Triumph twin chaincase; Norton Dolls Head gearbox
  14. 13321719_10201907667889103_4259810959541496505_n "MCR-VINCENT NORVIN"
  15. 15622057_901434549993191_962321397450911018_n "JAPTHER" A JAP engine inserted into a Panther.Now belongs to Ia Woo.
  16. Horex+Petith+Nachbau_Horex+Montage+001.jpg.small "AMMON-HOREX 2" This is a replica of the Herbert Ammon bike shown on the first V-Twin Innovator News page, which is itself inspired by Alfred Petith's original.Variously either 700cc or 750cc, the 90-degree v-twin was presumably made by Herbert Ammon, and is formed of two modified 350 top ends - from a Horex Regina - with specially-made barrels, on a modified 1955 Horex Resident crankcase. The seat, front wheel, shocks, rear-sets and exhaust system, as well as other details set this apart from the one shown previously.
  17. 13680898_10155044585363047_5081647945826869132_n "BROUGH SUPERIOR SPECIAL" According to the photographer who spoke to the builder, the man's father bought the Brough (Matchless MX2) engine and Brough tank several years ago, and eventually the son accumulated enough parts to build it into a bike with a Norton Featherbed frame. It appears to be a wideline with Norton's Roadholder forks and a Norton seat.


  1. $(KGrHqZHJDQE-nw!Fjy(BPsysd7vsw~~60_12-1 “BSA THOMPSON VEE.” Another version of the 1100cc Pete Thompson B50 v-twin ("Thompson V")... compare with the one above. Made from two B50s in an A10 chassis with A10 gearbox. Pete Thompson built 5 of these.
  2. 3487241 "JAPBEAM" Sunbeam with JAP engine
  3. tumblr_mwtx4mp6971skj7m8o1_1280 "NORTLESS" Matchless in a Norton
  4. DSCF10691 "NORFIELD" Royal Enfield in a Norton
  5. 15727052_1799733026961952_6575588129833779008_n "JAPHARDCHOP" Chris Launders' chop with a DTZ JAP engine fitted with PANHARD barrels and heads (Panhard is a French car manufacturer since 1890)
  6. PNS8738-XL "NARLEY 2" Harley KR 750 flat track engine in Featherbed frame 
  7. 15391203_10154733766709326_2526782678597954936_n "JAPRIEL 750" JAP 750sv in an Ariel chassis (thanks to Mats Olofsson)
  8. IMG-20170205-00167 "JAPLESS 750" 750 JAP sidevalve engine in a Matchless Silver Hawk frame belonging to Steve, UK.
  9. flattank3 "JAPSA 8" JAP engine 8HP 996cc (similar to Sunbeam circa 1920) in a home-made welded frame, with a 4-speed 1930s BSA gearbox (Blue Star/ Empire Star) , BSA M20 girder forks
  10. dscn3639_531234e7e087c36849bd868d "SGR ANVIL" Royal Enfield engine, 976cc, circa 1921in a modern retro frame.
  11. gregory1000b "GREGORY 1100 MK.1" Hillclimber - 1100cc methanol-burning 60-degree v-twin made from 2 Jawa DOHC speedway engines made and raced by Phil Gregory. The first version had chain-driven camshafts, wire-spoke wheels.




  1. 021 Hedlund V 2 Street Crosser "HEDLUND V2 STREET CROSSER" Hedlund 1000cc v-twin engine; Belt drive; USD forks; monoshock; held together with sticky tape
  2. 019 Hedlund V2 1000cc Strassenrennsport Gespann "HEDTON V2 CHAIR RACER" Sidecar; leading link forks; Norton Featherbed frame ; mega-megaphone
  3. hedlund "ISR-HEDLUND KIT RACER" Street-legal Hedlund bitsa racer with twin discs: it is an ISR chassis kit used to make 3 of these ISR/Hedlunds
  4. Hedlund-V-Twin-Roadracer-1987 "HEDLUND GSS ROADRACER" circa 1987
  5. NHAlvsjomassan.JPG-for-web-NORMAL "HEDLUND SPORTS-TOURER" Mr Hedlund himself, with his personal machine.
  6. hedlund3 "HEDLUND-SOH PROJECT" Hedlund v-twin project: frame made by Sune Ohlsson (SOH), who is famous amongst classic scramble racers in Sweden. Pics taken in 2011.
  7. 17621129cu-1 "HEDLUND WASP" MX sidecar racers - chassis designed and built in Salisbury, England
  8. hedlundagain "HEDLUND SPORTSTER" Harley sportster back mudguard.
  9. Untitled-9 "LOW=HED" Lowrider with straight-through exhausts
  10. semester2011-047_161678600 "HEDLUND CRUISER" Harley gearbox
  11. HEDLUND1 "FLAMING HED-BOB" Bobber with flame paintjob and straight-through exhausts; Norton gearbox
  12. s_4d99c06b5e7f2 "SPIRIT OF SWEDEN" Lowrider - everything one-off
  13. Hedlund "DRAG-HED" Dragster-style lowrider built by Stafan Farnell in 1985: Norton gearbox
  14. 235634[1] "HED-CHOP" Another dragster - note very rear set- footrests. AMC/Norton gearbox
  15. isr_engine "ISR METISSE" Engine prototype made by ISR Brakes of Sweden, in a Metisse frame with awivelled AMC-Norton gearbox.
  16. 2010-12-07+13.08.23-768693 "FOLAN SPECIAL" The Folan engine was developed by Lars Nilsson (Folan) and Urban Larsson (Husqvarna) in Sweden. It is a llightweight 60 degree 800cc four-stroke v-twin. (The engine was later sold to Highland, but the company folded when the directors were killed in a plane crash). Here, it has been inserted into a hand-made welded frame.
  17. dsc09457_56a3e15de087c337be8f54be "TFA RACER" Built for racing in Sweden, in 1954 - 125cc v-twin.



  1. NSU_1930_V-Twin_detail "JAFNAP" The owner, Daniel Mansilla, has identified it as follows: Frame: FN motorcycles, Belgium model M67 1928-1935 (also rear hub, according to Mats. (The M67 is normally fitted with a 494cc overhead valve unit construction engine). The engine is a ) JAP V-Twin 980cc side-valve from 1929; Girder forks: Norton circa 1935; petrol tank: probably comes from a BSA; Lucas Mag-dyno; Amal carburetor. The sidecar is a Stoye (Germany).
  2. IMG_4130 "DENCO" DOHC V-twin engine designed and built in Christchurch, New Zealand by Denco, who built motors for speedway. The engine was later further developedand changed into the Britten
  3. godden99 "GODDEN-NORTON SPECIAL" This special was built by Pat Miles in East Sussex. It features a Godden 1000cc grasstrack-racing engine in a Norton Featherbed frame, with BSA A10 primary chaincase; Norton diaphragm clutch; and Honda 70cc camchain driving the dynamo (duplex primary chain on triplex sprocketn and dynamo driven off the inner part of the sprocket. Inadequate front brake. See Classic Bike, March 1995 for the article.
  4. godden4 "NORGOD" Another very nice Godden-Norton. Built in Cheshire by Rod and Neil McCarron. See Classic Bike Guide September 2009 for the article.
  5. gregory1100 "GREGORY 1100 Mk.2" On V-Twin News p.9 you saw a picture of the Gregory 1100 Mach 1. Here it is shown with monoshock conversion, Astralite wheels and belt-driven overhead cams (saves 16 pounds over the chain-drive cam system). See Performance Bikes Magazine, June 1990 for the article.
  6. vulture "THE VULTURE" Built by Roland Broadbent in Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK. The engine is a commercial engine - a Kohler from USA, stripped of plastic fan cowlings, and with the flywheel skimmed to lose its cooling fan. The frame is made by Roland - rear end copied from a Vincent. BSA gearbox, 8-inch BSA brakes, Hagon front shock, and handmade girder forks. See article in Classic Bike Guide, November 1977.
  7. blk-viscount "VINCENT VISCOUNT" These were variously 6, or between 10 and 12 of these specials made; built by Tom Somerton in Staffordshire in the fities, using Vincent engine, Norton Featherbed frame, alloy rims and fibreglass parts... like most Norvins, except these also had Norton magnesium racing hubs. This one is Eric Patterson's Bonneville racer.
  8. 15327420_10154575210626885_5311306866836435287_n "JABSA M20" Mango Darwin's JAP in an M20 frame
  9. jap in frame "JAPSTAR" JAP in a BSA Empire Star frame
  10. 10-green-metallic "AJAYCENT" Rear frame from an AJS 16MS.Girling shocks, front end: Triumph? Vincent main frame and engine.
  11. Classic-bike-Mazda-B600-1 "MABSA" In Surabaya, Java, "Acung" (Muhammad Mansyur) built this special with a Mazda B600 car engine made in Hiroshima ("1965"), BSA C11 headlamp and drum brakes, and custom-made frame, tank and mudguards based around C11 styling. The gearbox is Royal Enfield
  12. mazz8 "MAZLESS" Matchless with 90-degree Mazda B600 v-twin engine - Indonesia.
  13. 11241511_631109847018977_1930486601_n "MAZLEY" Harley WLA bottom end with Mazda B600 top ends.
  14. 12930867_1057133417692041_175341469_n "MABSA 3" with BSA gearbox..... and many more Mazda-engined creations.



  1. weslakeowen "THE EVANS-WESLAKE" Owen Evans followed up his first v-twin with another set of his own crankcases, designed especially for the a pair of 4-valve Antig Weslake heads that topped it off. It is an 1100cc 60-degree v-twin bike that produces 76 bhp while weighing only 376 ibs. It hits 140 mph and does the standing quarter in 12.6 seconds at 105mph. It is in a modified Rob North duplex cradle frame and pulls wheelies in the lower gears - in fact he has a job keeping the front down. It has Cosworth pistons and Carillo con-rod and a Quaife-Hemming 5-speed gearbox. No expense spared. You can read all about the bike in Classic Bike Magazine of October 1999.

  2. battlewagon "ABW" - "Australian Battle Wagon". The bike is on display in the Australian National Motorcycle Museum ,(Nabiac, NSW) which claims "Alternator by Magna, automotive carburettor, narrow-angle V-Twin home built." However, the first thing we notice is that there are 2 carburettors and they are Amal concentrics - motorcycle carburettors, not car ones! Next we notice that this bears an uncanny resemblance to the water-cooled version of the Howard "Twelve" rotary hoe engine, (1340cc) as made in Australia..see picture above. the crankcases say "Heavy Weight Power Cruiser"... and since the crankcases are cast iron, it will indeed be heavy!

  3. 05-2003-vincent-chopper-hardtail-2 "VINDIAN BOBBER" Vincent in an Indian frame.



  1. arthureengin007_zpsed84a0af "MATCHLESS G50 TWIN" -
  2. 19424056_10212879377874524_4076908804387108154_n-1 JAPHARD engine - JAP DTZ bottom end and Panhard OHV top-ends (From fifties French car).
  3. 18671134_1016655101802627_7301816211029197426_n "RR 1150" (Rough Of Rämsöö) made in Finland by Jouni Ruohola. An imitation of a late thirties Brough Superior, with a supercharger.
  4. howard4 "HOWARD BOARDTRACKER" Another 1340cc Howard rotary hoe engine project. This one is boardtrack style.



  1. IMG-20170825-00426 "ARIEL-JAP". Darrell's 750 JAP in an Ariel Square Four frame. He didn't know it was a square foure frame until after the engine was in.
  2. bike-leftviewedited "PRATT-HOG". Built by John Norman, (Washington State, USA), finished in 2001. It has home-cast engine cases and home-cast and machined pistons and con-rods. Top-ends are from a radial aircraft engine (Pratt and Whitney 985).
  3. Baz "BVR 10-VALVE WESLAKE V-TWIN" ... only 3 or 4 versions made... 3 are in Australia."Baz and fast Eddie early 90's Sidecar Weslake Hilborn methanol V1000...This is Baz Fox's Valentine 5 Valve engine." IIRC, there was less than 5 engines made, We imported enough parts for approx 3 of them,(there may have only been those 3) as we had run a Weslake 875cc V Twin in a TQ(3/4) Midget prior, with great sucess. the idea was to try and uprate the 4 valve Weslake with the BVR 5 Valve cylinder heads, We ran it once, wasn't developed , was subsequently sold to Baz Fox for use in his speedway outfit, I also believe he still has them all.
  4. kalabendu8 "KALA BENDU 815". "Kala Bendu": 815cc v-twin. Crankcases are home-cast from melted-down cylinder blocks. The barrells are made from FOUR 200cc barrells from the Bajaj Pulsar 200 (an Indian brand that has a miniature copy of a Honda CBF500). Two 200 cc barrells are stacked vertically for each new extra-long barrell, presumably with a new long liner. The con-rods are "Norton with a stroke length of 100mm" (as used on Norton Model 18 490cc OHV single). However, the bore size is 72 mm as opposed to 79mm bore of the Norton model 18. The pistons are from a "Honda Excelent" (Honda Civic) car, and the cam is a one-off. Timing belt is from a Mitsubishi L300 van.
  5. 8507-768x1024 "INSOMNIA": Husqvarna SRM1000 (Swedish Racing Motor). Martin Carlgren (Ringö Chop Shop) from Sweden built this chop. The engine was built from some incomplete Husqvarna engineering drawings from 1948, for a 1000cc v-twin. The design was by Husqvarna engineer Fulke Mannerstedt, and was built using Husqvarna parts. Husqvarna had produced 350cc and 500cc OHV v-twins in the thirties for racing, and they did very well, but the 1000cc version was never built. The bike won the "Builders Choice" award at the 2017 Born Free custom show (number nine) in California. The frame is a 1930 Harley VL. The engine was actually built by Magnus Romeborn who works for Volvo Penta in Gothenburg, Sweden... and there are enough parts to build at least another 8 engines!
  6. 20770037_1962486350687541_2805170714338820214_n-1 "NORWICH DTZ". John Turner's JAP DTZ special takes shape: 16H frame; norton girders; DTZ engine; dolls head box; belt primary drive with alternator off the crank intended; home made brough-style fuel & oil tanks.
  7. IMG_1949 "INDI-BEEMER": This machine is the only one ever built. It is an overhead valve of a flathead 741 30.50 indian. The conversion was done by Elmo Looper (the purchaser of Crocker motorcycles inventory) in about 1959.
    Among the many modifications are: Stroked to 45"; Installation of BMW cylinders and heads; Installation of magneto; Use of Indian Arrow frame; Bates seat and Headlight. The machine weighs in at 300 pounds dry. It was said to have been very fast and was the prototype for a modified production scout that was being developed to take advantage of the plentiful war surplus Indian scouts.
  8. attachment "EXCELSIOR OHV BOARD-TRACKER": Reconstruction of engine with new castings etc.
  9. Medaza-500-by-Don-Cronin1-1 "MOTO-MORINI SPECIAL".
  10. pantless "PANTLESS": Matchless sidevalve 990cc Model X in a Panther M100 chassis. Built by J. Wallace in the 1960s
  11. 23472463_1517938671576871_7988488488400243731_n "BEESIAN" Indian in a BSA frame.
  12. 23844563_1688850384531420_8367813690398440776_n "KNIBB-VIN" Another Chris Knibbs creation currently taking shape: Vincent in a one-off frame with girder-style forks.
  13. 15271848_1418129181560595_18646841163852003_o "KNIBB-ZI" Chris Knibbs built this Guzzi-engined special in the late eighties (Moto-Guzzi 850 T3; Norton gearbox)... here with supercharger
  14. 26196304_910354769142898_1129379574929460355_n "RIKUON CHOP"



  1. s-l1600-1 "BEEZA-BEEZA" BSA 986cc from 1931, in 1939 BSA M20 frame (just sitting unattatched)
  2. s-l1600 "JAP-HUNTER" JAP 750 in Ariel Red Hunter frame
  3. bennelibsa "MRS FREQUENTLY" A BSA V twin engine in a Benelli frame with BMW forks
  4. 27655061_1820830974656220_8710245592828207877_n "RUDGELY 8-VALVE" Old Harley bottom end with 4-valve Rudge top-ends.
  5. 27072913_1823381894401128_713723521864404803_n "SIDEVALVE GOES COMMANDO". Harley WLA 750 in a Norton Commando!?
  6. 26733369_910621859116189_9122148928121290036_n "RIKUO MIX-UP" Speedway- boardtrack style custom with old Japanese v-twin engine.
  7. OBM-Dec-p4 "NORLAKE SPECIAL" John Newson of Oxney Motorcycles built this Norlake (Weslake 1000cc v-twin engine made for grasstrack racing) over 6 and a half years and finished it in 2017.
  8. 27540159_10155859409591885_8637857507420459023_n "CONJOINED CAT" or "ZAPHOD" Geoff Stray's 1300cc v-twin Panther, made from two 650cc M120 singles. A work in progress by the webmaster of "A V-Twin Obsession"... watch out for updates.
  9. Magma+1 "MAGMA" a 90-degree v-twin featuring Weslake speedway top ends, (powering a trike) built circa 1993 by Jake Challenger: "That spectacular engine is a one-off consisting of the barrels and heads from two Weslake 500 speedway engines on a special one-off crankcase. The barrels and heads were supplied by Coventry Competition Motorcycles, who specialised in speedway bikes and parts, and the crankcase was cast in Wolverhampton and Gordon Griffiths ( a leading light in the Vincent Owners Club) did the machining and assembly."
  10. norgodden "NO-GOD" Belt-drive primary on this Godden-powered featherbed chassis.
  11. weslake24 "WESLAKE OUTFIT 24" Aircooled Weslake v-twin outfit
  12. 28575714_10155926581536885_7455195661407177943_n "BADGER SPECIAL" JAP MT 750 turbo!
  13. DSC_0279 "CHIEF-IN-BED": Indian Chief in a Featherbed: "This very unique custom Indian Norton was built in the late 60's in Australia. And now it's for sale." (May 2013)
  14. 12479635_257365797930651_33353996_n "URQUHART 1923 TEMPLE-ANZANI" Inspired by Claude Temple's "Temple-Anzani", Lindsay Urquhart built this entire machine himself - he has built 6 of them (2 in uk in hillclimb cars
  15. 26907275_2145668895663540_4807015041653838477_n "WYNN BOARDTRACKER" Homemade boardtrack-style machine... engine unknown.
  16. rag-and-bone-customs-dream-machine-4_720x540 "CARBERRY CUSTOM" Rag-and-Bone Customs of Goa in India produced this Carberry-engined custom bike for India Bike Week show, 2017
  17. NettAnzRechts "OEC ANZANI" Heinz-Peter Nettekoven finished building this “Re-creation” in 2006, having worked on it for several years in Bornheim, Germany. Was put up for auction by Bonhams at Paris in 2012, but failed to reach the reserve (£75,000). It is loosely based, or more accurately, “inspired” by the 996cc Temple-Anzani racer of Claude Temple. The crankcases were machined from 100 kg of solid aluminium; the heads were milled from bronze; the cylinders from cast iron. It displaces 2003 cc (bore/stroke: 105.5 x 114.5mm). The overhead camshafts are bevel-driven with four valves per cylinder; “the claimed maximum power output is 80bhp at 5,000rpm, which is transmitted via a modified Harley-Davidson clutch and a modified Andrews four-speed transmission contained in Harley cases”.
  18. rudge3 "INDI-RUDGE" Tony Leenes dragster with Chief crank case and modified Rudge heads.
  19. 0251+%283%29 "INDIAN ANZANI" "Built by “Mr. Indian of Holland” (Tony Leenes) from modern aftermarket Indian parts, this hybrid is a one-off period custom and powered by an 1880cc 1925 Anzani V-Twin, originating from a “Pacer” Motorcycle. It took Tony two and a half years to complete this handcrafted project... Indian wheels and gas tank, the rest, such as the frame, front forks and exhaust are all handmade."



  1. 4-valve3 "RUDGELY 8-VALVE" "...a Rudge 4 cylinder OHV head fits the cylinder base of a Harley IOE motor. The bike presented in this post was built in Sweden like 40 years ago, not by an average gear head, rather a mechanical specialist."
  2. zimmerman "ZIMMERMAN 250 ROTARY VEE" "One of One.  Builder Merritt Zimmerman did all the casting and machining himself.  The motor is a V-Twin 250cc Four Stroke with Ported Rotary Sleeves instead of conventional cams and valves to control the intake and exhaust."
  3. anzaaani3 "ANZANI MONSTER PACER" Giant Anzani pacer engine special. Pictures by Horst Heiler at the infield of Hockenheim race course.
  4. dba60b31cd056202944f49e357356f41 "HOWARD EIGHT" Another Howard boardtracker. This one has trials tyres.
  5. 31960465_1889179191144135_8361343629209370624_n "VICKERS ENFIELD" special with Brooklands cans (left footrest and brake pedal missing)
  6. V-twin monkey 1 "KITACO MONKEY PROJECT" Kitaco V-twin Monkey bike project
  7. 28379164_795114810681315_3901564149272298624_n "THE HEDINATOR" Hedlund 1000cc v-twin in Norton Dominator chassis
  8. 27891272_109148696550780_6951912109156335616_n "NORDIAN-BUELL ENGINE" Project by Anssi Kantonen in Finland 24 Scout cases, Buell flywheels, Norton pistons. Heads?
  9. 28764835_412875175839266_1158031725415104512_n "JUNAK VEE" Another Junak v-twin being created
  10. 29090782_792941734234718_2984832331748999168_n "THOMPSON VEE 3" 1000-1100cc built by Pete Thompson in 1991/92 ish. Frame: BSA A10; BSA B50 heads, cylinders ).A10 gearbox. Pete made 5 of these bikes.
  11. 29088211_420186008439724_3516006051235233792_n "THOMPSON VEE 4??" Looks like a Thompson B50 creation, but significantly different. No 'V' visible on heads; Much longer stroke, extended footrests (chopper-style), Harley gearbox, different c/cases; timing cover breather; rear carb manifold is Norton Commando... But the exhausts are almost identical to the Thompson standard.
  12. fick_066 "CEES FICK HARLEY-MATCHLESS-TRIUMPH" Matchless heads on a Harley WA bottom end



1. p1000214 "CROCKER SPL" Crocker with BSA gearbox: "John Cameron’s Crocker Special.  His son Dee still has this machine.  John raced it in Mexico in the late thirties / early forties as it was outlawed by the AMA form competition in the States.  Early rare Crocker hemi head motor in cutdown JD HD frame with English four speed transmission.  Lots of Cameron custom bits and pieces on this machine." LINK LINK2

2.bvrvee "BVR 10-VALVE" A unit construction v-twin of 85 degrees using two 5-valve BVR heads. Probably the only one in existence.







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